Wooden kitchen accessories

Chef with a spoon shows a chef holding an over-sized wooden spoon that is taller than he is. This is part of a series of chefs with over-sized utensils or equipment. The chef is wearing the official chef hat and uniform. The wallpaper behind the chef is covered with large vegetables, such as carrots, squash, eggplant, and pumpkin.

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Wooden kitchen accessories

 For lots of keen cooks and foodie enthusiasts, browsing the kitchenwares department of an online store or bricks-and-mortar shop is as enjoyable as it is for a child to explore a toy shop or gaze in awe at the enticing rows of jars in a sweet shop; in fact, kitchenwares can be the ultimate pocket-money treat for adults. The vintage look has been on trend for quite a time now and shows no sign of lessening in popularity. It is easy to indulge your passion for kitchenwares whilst working that vintage look, as there are so many traditional kitchenwares available. In today’s post, we take a nostalgic look back at a few wooden kitchen accessories.

 Traditional wooden kitchen accessories

 For the ultimate vintage look, wooden accessories are hard to beat. Back in the days before plastics entered our daily lives, wooden utensils were simply what everyone used, from the humblest farmhouse to the grandest country house kitchen. There is something timelessly stylish about wooden utensils such as meat tenderisers, honey dipping sticks and everyone’s favourite – the classic wooden spoon. We suspect there is hardly a child in the country who has not at some stage in their lives enjoyed ‘licking the wooden spoon’ whilst their mother was baking!

 Some of the other traditional kitchenwares that seem to work best in wood include bread bins and cutlery trays. Today’s plastic cutlery trays always seem just a little too small to fit everything in, whereas a good old-fashioned wooden cutlery tray has plenty of room to store a full set of knives, forks and spoons in all sizes. A wooden bread bin also looks the part in a traditional kitchen, especially one with a roll-up lid. Just like the wooden spoon, this kind of bread bin makes us all nostalgic for the kitchens of our mothers and grandmothers.

 Contemporary wooden kitchen accessories

 If the traditional look is not really your style and you prefer a more contemporary look, wood still has plenty to offer in the kitchen. Wooden knife blocks in exotic woods such as acacia look so stylish placed on a glamorous granite counter top. Chopping boards are also often available in these more unusual woods and can be stylishly shaped to reinvent a humble kitchen accessory into something bang up to date. Add a splash of chic Italian styling and even the traditional rolling pin can be made over into a fashion statement! No matter what kitchen item you need, it is almost guaranteed that there is a contemporary version that will sit perfectly in the modern kitchen.


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