Wonky fruit and veg are making a comeback

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A new trend is creating something of a stir on the internet, with all the newspapers reporting it and Twitter abuzz. The trend is for lumpy, bumpy fruit and knobbly veg – not exactly glamorous.

The news about wonky fruit and veg

Everyone is talking about it. The Guardian, Daily Mail and theconversation.com, to name just a few, are suggesting that we reduce food waste by using all the ugly fruit and vegetables that are usually discarded in favour of their straight, symmetrical and perfectly-formed counterparts. After years of trying to tempt us with attractively-displayed, even-sized fruit and vegetables, the major supermarkets are beginning to stock the imperfect and misshapen models that challenge the modern obsession with aesthetics.

While rising numbers of families are forced to use food banks to survive, how can it make sense for us to avoid buying a carrot with a funny lump or a wonky parsnip? EU regulations surrounding the categorisation of certain fruits and vegetables are partly to blame, while another factor is a cultural shift in our perceptions of perfect. People, houses, pets, cars – they all need to look perfect to fit in. In a world of Kardashians, it is time to be an Ugly Betty! At Wares of Knutsford we welcome misshapen produce. That bulbous carrot tastes exactly the same as its straight-sided, symmetrical counterpart and is definitely more interesting to look at.

Wonky fruit and veg could save the world

We are in the middle of a food waste epidemic. Up to 40% of farmed crops are discarded for failing to meet aesthetic criteria and some farms throw out 20 tonnes of vegetables every week just because they don’t look good enough! Are we really so precious about the difficulties of peeling a two-pronged carrot? When around 50% of the world is suffering from food poverty, it must become a priority for the developed world to reduce food waste.

Once you have peeled and chopped your potatoes and onions and cooked them into a delicious stew, will they be any less tasty or nutritious if they had a few blemishes? Of course not. Wonky fruit and veg are beautiful on the inside, so don’t waste them. As our consumer society spirals out of control, we are all being encouraged to spend less and produce less waste. You can make a start with your fruit and veg.

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