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wine bottles

Grape harvesting season is on the calendar, so keen home brewers will be stocking up with all they need in ingredients, equipment and bottles for wine making. Wares of Knutsford can supply not only bottles for wine but also other home brewing accessories and even complete kits to help novice wine makers get started.

Wine bottles at Wares of Knutsford

There are three different kinds of bottles for wine at Wares of Knutsford. The 750ml green glass wine bottles are the standard, seen housing red, rose and white wine all over the world. It comes in the traditional straight sided shape with rounded shoulders and a long, slim neck. A clear glass version is available in the same size. Don’t forget to stock up on corks or caps when you order.

Alternatively there is the 750ml Bordeaux green glass bottle, which comes with its own plastic screw top. It shoulders are higher and straighter than the standard bottle for a slightly more modern look.

All three kinds of bottles come in a choice of pack sizes – six, 12, 24 or 36. The bottles get cheaper the more you order, so buying for a business is affordable and friends can get together to share costs so that everyone saves. Remember that Wares of Knutsford charges the same flat delivery fee no matter how much you order, so you can feel safe to buy in large quantities.

Which wine bottles do you need?

Mark Twain considered that clothes make the man, and the same applies to wine. Wine makers have found that people prefer to drink wine from a standard bottle – this is how they expect to see their wine served. However there is a reason for using different colours of bottle, for example. The ultraviolet rays that make up sunlight can degrade the contents of a bottle of wine, which is why it tends to be kept in dark cellars. Wines that will be kept bottled for some time, if they need to age for example, are usually bottled in green glass, as the darker colour can protects its contents from the sun better than lighter glass. Lighter, fruitier white wines which don’t need to aged in the same way are safe to decant into clear glass bottles, which also serve to show off their lovely, delicate colouring. Consider how you will be using and storing your wine before you order.

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