The Best Bottles for Homemade drinks

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Summer is a very sociable time, with picnics, barbecues and outdoor gatherings giving home brewers the chance to show off their skills to guests. Make sure your home brew, whether it’s beer, wine, cider or even cordial looks inviting, tasty and even professional by finding the right bottle to present and serve from.

Traditional beer and wine bottles

Here at Wares of Knutsford we love to see our customers being creative with our products and finding new ways to use them, but we also appreciate the value of tradition. Beer and wine bottles come in certain shapes, sizes and colours by tradition – even if the true origins of that protocol have been lost to history. In theory amber and green bottles were used to preserve the contents in the best possible condition, preventing too much degrading UV light from passing through the glass.

Similarly the traditional wine bottle shape was developed as part of the production process. Modern beer and wine production is very different but many people still prefer the discipline of serving their home brew in the traditional style bottles. Wares of Knutsford can supply conventional 330ml and 500ml beer bottles in clear and amber glass, plus 750ml wine bottles in green glass, Bordeaux green and clear glass.

There is a useful, separate department on the website for corks, bottle tops and other bottling accessories.

Decorative juice, cordial and wine bottles

Home brew doesn’t just apply to wine and beer, as many people are making refreshing and delicious cordials plus liqueurs and even spirits. Serve your sloe gin in a traditional sloe gin clip top bottle. However probably the widest and most attractive bottle selection is for cordials, water and juices. Choose from screw top or clip top bottles in a wide variety of shapes – some plain, some more decorative. A set of modern, brightly coloured clip top glass bottles in 500ml and 1000ml sizes adds interest to the soft drinks selection at any event, or you could go for traditional elegance with a Lockyle decanter, a clear glass carafe or faceted swing top bottles. Delicately pastel coloured or deep, jewel toned cordials are shown off to their best advantage in clear glass, while there are even traditional milk bottles which are ideal for children’s parties and events.

Most bottles are available singly or in different pack sizes for extra economy, and all purchases benefit from a fixed delivery rate, allowing you to buy as much as you want without worrying about the cost of postage.

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