Where to buy jar packaging

Where to buy jar packaging

Jam making is so enjoyable that it can quickly become addictive. We all begin by making a few jars for ourselves, then start offering them to neighbours. Before long, we realise that our jammy creations would make great homemade gifts. The one thing that holds us back from giving our produce as gifts is the fact that a jar or two of jam does not look all that impressive on its own; however, with a little extra effort and some stylish packaging, your jars of jam will look just as professional as the gift packs on display in the big department stores.  media_008__15176.1424695239.243.241

 Jam jar packaging 

We stock quite a variety of packaging for jars, bottles and other home-produced items. Our natural-coloured gift cartons are one of the simplest yet most effective ways to present jams and chutneys in a stylish way. The cartons come in two-jar and three-jar sizes for both small and medium jam jars. A gift carton such as this enables you to give a selection of preserves in one gift; for example, one jar of raspberry jam, one jar of marmalade and one jar of blackcurrant jelly would make a lovely present. For a savoury version, fill a two-jar carton with one jar of green tomato chutney and one jar of piccalilli.  

An alternative to the gift cartons is the hessian jute bags we offer. These jute bags are designed to hold two or three jars of jam or preserves safely and securely. The clear plastic windows at the front of the bag mean that the jar labels are clearly visible and these bags turn a simple gift into something really quite special.

 If you fancy making up a small hamper of goodies to give as a gift, we also stock a range of card trays. Filled with a mix of homemade produce, such as jams, pickles, homemade fudge and a bottle of homemade wine or two, these trays would make a hamper to rival the expensive ones available from high street stores. CGC506RD_WH__69492.1473240232.243.241

Jar packaging accessories 

To complement our packaging for jars, we also carry a wide range of accessories. Those gift trays would look even better tied with a colourful ribbon and with all the items secured on a bed of fine cut shred. Our ribbons come in many designs, including gingham check, spotty dots and pastel patterns. The fine cut shred is available in cream, red or green to suit any occasion.

 We hate to say it, but Christmas is coming. Stock up now so that you are ready to give your homemade produce as Christmas gifts with pride.




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