Where Do You Keep Your Eggs?

storing eggs

A simple internet search will reveal endless amounts of deliberation on storing eggs. While many swear they should be refrigerated, others point out that eggs cook better and are less likely to curdle when used in baking if kept at room temperature.

Storing eggs outside the box

However unless you plan to keep the eggs for a long time, they don’t really need to be refrigerated. If you are in any doubt about an egg’s freshness, try this test: place your egg in a glass of water – fresher eggs will sink to the bottom and lay flat on its side. As eggs age they are more likely to stand on one end and float to the top. Frankly it can often be a bit crowded in the refrigerator anyway (it’s the best place to store nail polish, believe it or not), so a chichi little container on the worktop can make more sense.

You may remember your grandmother storing eggs in a porcelain chicken jar. These are still available and have plenty of retro charm but there is a risk of them getting a bit messy – there’s not a lot of protection inside that jar and eggs tend to be a bit delicate! So for clumsy types storing eggs in a device that holds each egg separately can be more practical – and cleaner…

Wares of Knutsford do a wire egg container that will hold a pile of eggs in the bottom and individual eggs above, however the wooden egg wardrobe is both cute and elegant and will keep your eggs in perfect condition while looking stylish in the kitchen.

When you’re fed up with storing eggs

While eggs are a kind of wonder food, there are only so many you can eat, so if you find they are reaching the end of their shelf life but you can’t face another omelette, here is another suggestion:

Face mask

Separate an egg and beat the white until it starts to froth. Apply to a clean face and rest for about 20 minutes while it dries. Remove the egg white with a clean, damp cloth to reveal glowing skin!

Hair mask

Don’t waste that yolk either! While you’re treating your face with the white, whip a bit of olive or coconut oil into the yolk and apply to damp hair for about 10 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water (hot water will cook the yolk into your hair – not the effect you’re aiming for!) for shiny, soft tresses.

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2 thoughts on “Where Do You Keep Your Eggs?

  1. we were taught by food hygienists, if the eggs were bought from a shop and had been refrigerated – then keep them refrigerated, if they were not refrigerated -then it was ok to not refrigerate–but if they weren’t refrigerated and you take them home and fridge them, then you should put them back in the fridge, something to do with their protective lining & what the fridge does to them, we try to buy non fridged eggs and keep them at a cool place in the kitchen..

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