What’s in season in September

in season in septemberWhat’s in season in September

Eating and cooking seasonally is one of the most satisfying things to do, as it brings the knowledge that you are working with nature and using only the very freshest ingredients. Whilst summer is just about over, there is still plenty of variety in the fruit and vegetable garden and plenty of choices when it comes to home preserving. Check out this September season guide for some great ideas on what to cook this month.

September in season fruit

When it comes to fruit, no one can fail to notice that blackberries are in season during September. One of nature’s best free gifts, blackberries are readily available in hedgerows, alongside footpaths and on the edges of woodland. The best thing about blackberries is that they are 100% free for everyone.

Blackberry and apple crumble is, of course, an absolute must. Once you have had your fill of crumble and are looking for some more ideas for blackberries, try some blackberry jam or infuse some gin with blackberries for a delicious Christmas tipple. Blackberries are great in muffins and chocolate brownies, which usually go down well with the whole family.

Apples are also starting to come into season and team perfectly with blackberries to form one of nature’s great marriages; on their own, try old-fashioned apple jelly or spiced apple preserve for something a little different.

September in season vegetables

Whilst the vegetable patch might be starting to look a little tired, there are still plenty of options throughout September. If your tomatoes have not ripened, why not use them in a green tomato chutney or make a sweet and savoury green tomato jam with balsamic vinegar?

Other vegetables at their best in September include courgettes, broad beans and several types of cabbage – all perfect for making pickles and chutneys. Try sauerkraut or pickled kimchee if you fancy being adventurous. If you have some marrows available, consider marrow jam – a delicious but less well-known home preserving idea. There are many recipes available for marrow jam, with the marrow paired with all sorts of other ingredients such as ginger, cardamom and even orange.

As you can see, there are still plenty of options for eating seasonally and for getting creative with your Maslin pan. We hope this September season guide will inspire you to get those jam jars and Mason jars out of the cupboard and fill them with tasty treats for the months ahead.

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