What’s in season in June?

Seasonal Guide bannerWhat’s in season in June?

Some fruit and veg remain plentiful for up to six months of the year, while others need to be appreciated during a short but glorious season. June fruit and veg options are sweet and crunchy, juicy and delicious.

Peas and broad beans in season June

Peas are naturally sweet and are so attractive with their zesty colourway like tiny green marbles. You may be surprised to discover that a cup of peas also boasts a higher protein content than a whole egg! You can cook them or you can eat them raw; for example, mash them up with a little olive oil and salt and pepper and serve on bruschetta garnished with torn mozzarella pieces and fresh mint leaves. Alternatively, make a pasta salad with some cooked penne, lightly-cooked or raw peas, fresh mint leaves, feta cheese, a bag of rocket and a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

As with peas, it is tempting to pop broad beans straight into your mouth to enjoy their tasty crunchiness. Traditionally you eat these boiled and buttered, but there is a lot more you can do with broad beans. Serve raw as tapas with small chunks of pecorino cheese, or cook lightly and serve in salads. Try mixing lightly-cooked broad beans with leafy herbs such as mint, parsley, tarragon and chervil and serve with an olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing. This is so simple but tastes wonderfully sophisticated!

Strawberries in season June

There are other lovely June fruit and veg but it is hard to see past strawberries. In Britain we love our strawberries – they are the taste of summer and a symbol of one of our greatest sporting events. They are at their freshest and tastiest in June, ideal for picnics or with vanilla ice cream. There is not really any need to do anything with strawberries except eat them; however, you can serve yours with a simple, sophisticated twist.

How about marinating your strawberries in a mixture of lemon and orange zest and juice with a little caster sugar? Or you can serve them well chilled and topped with whipped cream, meringue and some chopped mint for a fabulous mix of colours.

It is hard to imagine such a thing as left-over strawberries; however, if you do have some, try making your own jam – it is easy and delicious!

Also keep an eye out this month for asparagus, chicory, crab, gooseberries, lamb, French beans, hare, mackerel, mangetout, raspberries, tomatoes, new potatoes, radishes, rocket, spring onions, watercress and sardines.

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