What to Grow in June

what to grow in June

There are few pleasanter months to spend in the garden than June, with the sun warming your back as you work the fresh smelling soil – it’s a good job too as there’s plenty to do before June ends!

What to grow in June indoors

Most of the work in June is outdoors but there are some seeds which still benefit from being undercover. Cucumber and gherkins can be started off in the greenhouse in individual modules or pots and now is a good time to start off your winter cabbage seeds, which need a long growing season. French beans and runner beans can be started off indoors in module trays but they can go straight outside if you trust the weather.

What to grow in June outdoors

There’s a huge list of vegetables which can be sown directly outdoors this month, starting with a thin sowing of beetroot and chicory. Broccoli and calabrese can go in a nursery bed for later transplantation or directly into a vegetable plot. Sow your carrots in rows and avoid coming under attack by carrot fly by protecting the seedlings with fleece or enviromesh.

You’ll be able to enjoy healthy, fresh salads this summer if you sow salad leaves in modules under glass and transplant them later or directly into the ground now but remember to plant little and often for regular cropping. Spring onions are a quick cropper sown in drills and radish seeds also offer swift rewards for tasty and interesting salads.

Courgettes and other squashes can be started in pots or sown directly outside and you can sow your swede and turnip seeds in rich soil for cropping later in the year.

Sweetcorn can be started off in the greenhouse or go directly into the ground. You should aim for about 12 plants to ensure pollination and sow in a grid formation rather than a line so that the wind can assist the pollination process.

What to grow in June on the herb front? Well parsley, coriander and dill grow like lightning either outside or indoors.

What to plant in June outdoors

Plenty of the crops you’ve been carefully nurturing from spring are ready to move outside now. Brassicas including Brussels sprouts, summer cabbages, cauliflowers, sprouting broccoli and Calabrese can all go in but will need plenty of space and moisture.

Peppers can be transplanted from modules into grow bags in a sheltered, sunny spot, along with cucumbers and tomatoes. Plant out squashes and pumpkins – hungry plants which appreciate a fertile, rich soil.

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