We’re pleased as punch that summer’s here: Get creative with your jars!

Image 1We’re pleased as punch that summer’s here: Get creative with your jars!

Even if the weather doesn’t always play ball, there’s nothing quite like the thought of sitting in the garden after the sun has gone down, enjoying an icy beverage with friends. Whether you are on the serving side of the bar or just like to entertain, why not get in the spirit of things by adding a personal touch to your jars for punch collection?

Colourful fun with punch jars

While these sturdy looking vessels are certainly a hark back to traditional kitchen wares of days gone past, customising them is so easy and all it takes is a little splash of colour to give your jar a new lease of life. Whether you leave them as they are or extend the design already on it, it’s the perfect marriage of old-time style and modern flair. If you’ve got children, why not challenge them to see who can paint the most interesting pattern on them?

Perfect for the summer BBQ

We’re not a fan of bugs and other creepy crawlies that can make a most unwelcome appearance at summer barbecues. The beauty of using jars as drink containers is that they are compatible with jam jar lids of the same range, making it quick and easy to cover drinks before the mosquitoes invade! Alternatively, why not drill a hole in the top of the lids and screw them on, popping a straw through the hole for easy access. Even if you’ve just got a lemonade, it’ll feel like you’re sipping on a luxurious cocktail. After all, these are jars for punch!

Not just punch jars…

In the event of a washout summer (and we know it’s possible), you might feel a bit sad for your jars gathering dust at the back of the cupboard. Don’t just forget about them though. Get arty and crafty with them! The sturdy construction of jars make them perfect candidates for candle holders – simply pop in a tea light. You could even try your hand at making your own candles using the jars as holders. Worried about safety? Use LED tea lights as an alternative, to get the same effect but with none of the risk of small hands burning themselves!

Whether you’re serving up drinks or scented aromas in your jars this summer, we want to hear your inspiration! We’d be pleased as punch!

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