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wedding jars

All over the country, brides and grooms are preparing for their summer weddings. Among the huge list of tasks to accomplish, they are frantically trying to organise original, affordable and attractive favours. Wares of Knutsford is pleased to be able to help out here, with a wide range of wedding jars and bottles which our customers have used as favours over the years to great effect.

Using wedding jars for favours

A wedding favour needs to please guests and fit in with a theme or colour scheme for the event, without taking up too much space at the table. In order to personalise their favours and keep costs down, creative brides are opting for home made favours using wedding bottles and jars.

Popular filings include food products such as jams, honey, sweets, liqueurs, home made candles and cosmetic potions, soaps, ingredients for a luxury hot chocolate, tiny succulent plants, popcorn and even little pies baked into jars! If you have a good imagination, there’s no end to list of fillings.

Jars and bottles are extremely convenient to use for favours because the clear glass allows guests to easily see what’s inside, they are reusable and are easily decorated with ribbons, labels, tags or even glass paints to complement the table scheme.

What’s more, if you are making the favours yourself, it’s easy to personalise a group of jars so they hold the appropriate contents for various different guests, including older relatives or even children – marbles, small toys and bunches of crayons or coloured pencils look cute and should keep them quiet for a while!

Using wedding jars to decorate

If you want continuity or if you just want to go for a simple, elegant but cost effective scheme, you could also eschew expensive and ostentatious table centrepieces for pretty posies placed in glass jars on tables. These look best when placed at intervals down a long table and are small enough to allow guests sitting opposite to chat easily.

Use a few more jars as tea light holders, sitting the candles on coloured, beads or sand to complement your theme. The end result is cohesive, intimate and extremely pretty.

To keep things really personal, consider dotting jars around tables with a couple and crayons and some paper, with a request to guests to fill in according to instructions – you could ask them to note down how you first met, a fun memory of the two of you or tips for a happy marriage!

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