Decorating jars for weddings

Wedding jars

One of the most original, prettiest and economical ways we have seen to decorate your wedding venue is to use jars. Jars make great table centrepieces and holders for favours for guests; in addition, they can be a novel way to serve drink. If you are aiming for a fun, relaxed event rather than a stiff, formal wedding, here are some ideas for great wedding jars.

Wedding jars as table centrepieces

Jars make great vases. You can use clear or coloured glass, either kept plain or decorated with lace, ribbon, twine or glass paint. A posy of wild flowers presented in a jar is modern but pretty and rustic, especially if you use country flowers rather than hothouse blooms. You can also wrap a piece of paper around each vase and write a name or number on it to identify the tables. Alternatively, you can put candles inside the jars and line them up alternately with the jar vases if you are going for long tables or benches.

Wedding jar ideas for children

Junior guests have a tendency to become fractious when bored or tired; however, you can head off any ructions before they start by providing something for children to do. Lay a children’s table with jars of crayons, beads, small stickers and sweets, along with plenty of coloured paper, scissors (with rounded ends suitable for children to use, of course), some glue and other craft materials. The younger guests will love receiving special treatment and might allow the adult guests to relax in peace!

Wedding jars for favours

Most couples plan their weddings to a budget and a great way to cut down on costs and make your favours more personal is to create them yourself. Depending upon where your talents lie, you could send your guests away with favours such as homemade jam or chutney, body scrub or lotion, sweets or biscuits, or herb or spice mixes. Make sure you add a pretty label noting the details of the event, the contents of the jar and any usage instructions.

Wedding table chat jars

Unless your guests all know each other really well, there could be a few awkward silences until everyone gets well lubricated! Help everyone to relax and get to know each other by placing a jar of chat cards at each table. Simply print your cards, cut them out and put a few in each jar. You can print questions such as ‘How did you meet the bride/groom?’, ‘What is the funniest thing you have ever seen happen at a wedding?’ and ‘What marriage advice would you give to the couple?’.

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