Wedding Favours

mini jam jars

Weddings can cost a frightening amount but there are lots of charming touches you can add to personalise the occasion that don’t cost the Earth. One pretty way to give your guests a memento to take away is to organise some unique wedding favours. Mini jam jars and bottles are ideal for this

Unusual wedding favours

Usable items such as key rings, salt and pepper sets, cufflinks, lighters and bottle stoppers are making regular appearances on wedding favours ideas lists, all personalised of course, while miniature bottles of perfume and aftershave are popular at more extravagant affairs. Other easily personalised items include decorative candles, bookmarks, photo frames and lip balms. A romantic idea is to give a packet of seeds of pretty flowers such as forget-me-nots, as this makes a really lasting and individual gift.

Fill some mini jam jars

This is a dainty and beautifully affordable way to commemorate your special day. Bulk buy miniature bottles or mini jam jars and fill them with all sorts of things: sweets, popcorn, miniature biscuits or macaroons, home-made jams or preserves, spirits or wine, lottery tickets, beaded jewellery or photographs. Don’t forget to arrange personalised labels to decorate the jars.

Match your theme

Weddings are often organised around a theme these days, which can be an easy way of arranging decorations and details. As an example, pretty votive candles or scented soaps work well as wedding favours with a feminine, vintage theme. Packets of seeds fit a more Bohemian feel while fans of graphic novels could give away miniature plastic superheroes. Those holding a winter wedding could consider giving a pair of snuggle socks for guests and at Christmas tree decoration wedding favours mark both the season and your special event.

Mini jam jars for children

Children are easily pleased by anything colourful and shiny and so are always grateful recipients of wedding favours. Miniature bottles or mini jam jars filled with sweets, miniature toys or marbles will keep them quiet for hours. Go one further to keep the calm by arranging a separate children’s table with activity place mats, a selection of pens and pencils and a few packs of card games such as Top Trumps or trivia cards.

However you choose to organise your wedding favours, the key is personalisation. If everyone knows the bride is a keen gardener or cook, they’ll appreciate a young seedling or hand-made cakes or sweets. Mark your names and the date somewhere on the gift and make sure everyone has a fabulous time that they’ll want to remember.

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