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Wedding Favours – Mini Jam Jars

It is no secret that weddings can cost a small fortune. Even small details seem to cost an exorbitant amount, and costs soon start to mount up to eye-watering levels. One solution to help keep things manageable is to take a DIY approach wherever you can. Not many brides would be able to create their own wedding dress or bake their own three-tier wedding cake, of course, but there are smaller elements to the day that can be tackled by anyone. Wedding favours are one such item, and these can be more appealing and personal when they are homemade rather than shop-bought. In today’s post, we showcase a few of our jars and bottles that are perfect for use in DIY favours and offer a few suggestions on what to fill them with.

 Food and drink wedding favours

 Gone are the days when favours amounted to a pouch of sugared almonds for each guest. Wedding couples these days want to express their unique personalities in their choice of favours and give a gift that shows they have put thought and care into finding just the right thing to say thank you to their guests. Wedding jars filled with homemade creations are extremely popular, and couples are getting more and more inventive when it comes to what to fill those jars with. From homemade jams and jellies using foraged and hedgerow fruits to cute and colourful macaroons, it is easy to come up with something that stands out from the crowd and impresses your guests. The great thing about this approach is that it reduces the cost dramatically when compared with buying ready-made favours.

 Our Gladstone bottles with corks are also hugely popular for favours. Couples are creating their own homemade drinks, such as infused gins and vodkas, and decanting them into these miniature Gladstone bottles for a really charming favour.

 Non-food wedding favours

 Wedding jars do not have to be filled with something edible, of course. One of our favourite wedding favour ideas is to fill small jars with wild flower seeds. On the label, ask your wedding guests to scatter the seeds in a favourite spot to create a beautiful and lasting reminder of your wedding day. Other couples have chosen to give small herb plants potted in tiny jars for guests to plant at home. Rosemary and thyme are great choices for this idea, as they smell so heavenly and won’t wilt on the big day. Our 105ml jam jars are perfect for this option.


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