Wedding Favour Ideas 2016

wedding favours 2016

It’s the time of year when couples with weddings this summer are working hard and making plans for their special day. Among the major expenses such as dresses, venue and catering is a smaller but significant wedding day consideration: wedding favours. Making your own favours is the current trend, allowing you to create something economical but very personal. Wares of Knutsford regularly blogs about how you can create stylish and memorable small gifts to mark your special events and here is our guide to wedding favours 2016.

Edible wedding favours 2016

Edible wedding favours are always popular but it’s the presentation that really counts. Wares of Knutsford has some cute little herb and spice bottles which you can fill with your own, home-made herb or spice blends. If you have your own herb garden, it would be great to use your own herbs to make them with. But if not, you can still buy some good quality herbs and spices and make a blend for Italian cooking, for example, or for Mexican, Thai or Indian, depending upon your speciality.

Use inspiration from your own life, your interests and hobbies. If you are a bee keeper, for example, delight your guests with a small jar of lavender honey from your own bees, or some home-made fudge or toffee. Present them beautifully in a pretty glass jar and decorate with one of our wooden ‘With Love’ tags or our pretty white paper tags in heart, butterfly and birdcage shapes. Make sure the tag notes the details of the occasion and the jars and bottles are labelled to describe their contents.

Drinkable wedding favours 2016

Drinkable favours are almost as popular as those you can eat, and can also be unique and personal. Use your own home made liqueurs, cordials or sloe gin, for example, and choose from our range of small bottles to find something you can pretty up with a ribbon and an appropriate label marking the occasion. Our 100ml bottle range includes the classic Nocturne design with a round base and tapered cork and the 50ml miniature whisky bottle, both of which are ideal for elegant looking drinkable favours.

Cosmetic wedding favours 2016

If you have ever tried making your own cosmetics before or are a fan of aromatherapy, try making up your own blend for your guests and present them with a small bottle of perfume, body lotion or body scrub. You may also try making your own scented candles, which can be made in our miniature jam jars. Again the presentation and pretty labelling is all important.

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