Small Bottles as Wedding Favours

wedding favours

Favours are given to guests by the bride and groom to mark their wedding day. The small gifts are usually inexpensive but have some personal or sentimental significance.

Bottled wedding favours

Miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks such as wine, whisky, gin or vodka have become popular wedding favours but there are far more personal options than this. Buy enough bottles to cover the amount of favours you need and then decant your own, home-made liqueurs, wines or spirits into them. Of course you will need to design and apply some personalised labels. One advantage of this format is that it allows you to offer a non-alcoholic variety of drink for younger guests or tee-totallers. Oil and vinegar sets are also useful items that make attractive gifts.

One idea for cheap wedding favours that also works as a cute alternative to confetti is to give guests small bottles of bubble blowers. They are great for showering the bride and groom and will keep children entertained for hours while the adults enjoy a more grown-up party.

Alternative cheap wedding favours are made by messages in small glass bottles. These make a longer lasting keepsake than the previous, consumable options.

Foodie wedding favours

Consumables make very popular gifts as they feel so personal. Home-made cakes, sweets, popcorn or jams in small glass jars with personalised labels will be appreciated by all guests. Biscuits can be decorated with the name of the happy couple, the date of the occasion or, if you want to go really personal, are super organised and have plenty of time, individually named for each guest. These things are also economical – home-made toffee apples, beautifully packaged, are a classic treat that looks attractive without costing a fortune. Foodies could give flavoured salts or sugars if time is too short for making individual cakes or biscuits.

Keep it personal

When choosing favours consider also the theme of the wedding and the personalities of the couple involved. Creative, crafty types may want to make things like home-made candles, soaps or lip balms. Gardeners or outdoorsy types could offer little bags of flower or herb seeds, seedlings or tiny buckets of miniature succulents.

Ultimately the key is personalisation. Whether you are buying or making the favours, make sure you create your own labels that note the details of the special day. Your guests will be far more appreciative of something small but personal than something flash and expensive.

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