Wedding Favour Jars

Wedding Favour Jars

 There used to be a TV game show during which the presenter would say to the contestants: ‘We asked 100 people to name …’. If we asked our customers to name things found in jars, most would surely answer ‘jam’, with perhaps some of them suggesting gherkins, chutney or even pickled eggs. Customers planning their own weddings, however, might answer very differently. Our customers come up with all manner of creative ideas for using our jars for weddings; for example, a great idea we see regularly is placing candles in jars for a pretty and romantic wedding display.

 Wedding jars and candles

 Brides and grooms often choose to create a centrepiece for each table at the wedding reception and sometimes have something similar inside the venue in which the ceremony is taking place. Jars with candles inside work brilliantly for this.

 Many wedding couples opt for simple jam jars, housing anything from tea lights to homemade beeswax candles for a charming, vintage-inspired theme for their wedding. Placed together in clusters of three or five, these can make gentle but uplifting focal points on wedding tables or along the walls of a church or wedding venue.

 Our globe jam jars are also perfect for holding tea light candles and look great with a thin pastel ribbon around the rim, chosen to tie in with the wedding theme.

 If you are planning a summer wedding with your reception in a marquee outside, it would be a delightful idea to hang jam jars from trees around the reception area with each containing a tealight. You could even paste crepe paper to the outside of the jars to make each a different colour. Twinkling in the summer evening, these jars would look oh-so romantic.

 For a larger centrepiece for a table, try a one-gallon pickling jar and place a thick white candle in the centre. For decoration, wrap a small amount of gypsophila around the lower part of the candle, well away from the flame. Place smaller jars around this for the best effect.

 Safety when using wedding jars and candles


Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

Whenever you are using candles, some common-sense precautions are needed. Always ensure the flame of any candle will not touch the sides of the jar and never put a lid on a jar containing a candle. Tea lights are perfect in jars for weddings, as they come in their own small metal container that keeps things safe and free of candle wax. Always site your candles carefully where they cannot be accidentally knocked over, and ensure they are out of reach of children.


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