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jam jar labels

Having produced delicious home-made jams, chutneys or pickles to give as gifts, how can you add sophistication to the package? How to make it look like a luxury item?

Jam Jar Labels and Other Decorations

The first and simplest step is to decorate the jars. You can buy pre-made jam jar covers in a variety of patterns or seek out attractive materials to make your own. These can be fixed with string or ribbon and then the jars labelled appropriately. There are lots of pre-printed kitchen labels available that you can write on, giving the name of the product and date it was made but you could also use your creativity and come up with some original options.

Luggage tags can make a pretty alternative to adhesive jam jar labels, tied around the jam jar covers, or you can buy some plain sticky labels and print a design of your own.

Watercolour Jam Jar Labels

Those with an artistic bent should use it to create some beautiful and tempting labels. You can personalise them to suit the gift recipient or, if you can’t face giving the food away, paint the labels in a style that best suits your home décor.

Probably the most fitting way to decorate your chutney, pickle or jam jar labels is by painting a selection of the ingredients used to make the product, or the location in which it was made – your house or garden, for example.

You don’t need a degree in fine art to get a great result – something as simple as drawing the fruit in fine liner and using watercolours to fill in the detail can give a very professional looking result.

If you feel your skills aren’t equal to this task, children’s art has a charming naivety and would be particularly welcomed by grandparents or other close relatives. It’s also a great way to encourage youngsters to start getting involved in the kitchen. They can help you to cook the jam and, having decorated the jars too, will be extra-proud of their efforts.

If you are printing jam jar labels from your computer, remember they don’t have to look utilitarian. There are plenty of design programmes or templates online available for free download and again you don’t have to be an artist to come up with effective results. Take some time to choose a pretty font for the text, in a colour to contrast, complement or match the jar’s contents, then add a decorative border or background.

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