Vintage Wedding Ideas

vintage wedding ideas

Vintage is one of the most popular and charming themes for weddings and other events. We have organised all the items we think would be helpful to anyone buying for this theme into one place – vintage bottles, jars and other accessories. Whether you are planning favours for a vintage-themed wedding or decorating your kitchen, cafe or restaurant in the vintage style, you can head straight to our vintage department to find what you need.

Vintage wedding ideas on a floral theme

Give your wedding a beautiful and natural backdrop with a floral theme. This idea works particularly well for summer weddings held outside. When it comes to decorating with flowers, go for traditional British flowers – the kind you would find in a cottage garden – or wild flowers. Think sweet peas, lavender, philadelphus, roses and alliums, with delphiniums and foxgloves to add a little drama. You should also add plenty of greenery.

If you can grow most of the flowers yourself or collect them locally, so much the better. Arrange your flowers in posies in vintage bottles and jars and put them all over the wedding site, interspersed with occasional tea lights, and say your ‘I dos’ under a floral bower. There is no need to worry about going over the top, as it will only look more romantic.

Bring nature to the fore by winding fairy lights around trees, stringing up some flowery bunting and tying a massive wildflower bouquet to the wedding cars. The beauty of a vintage floral theme is that it looks best when it is not too formal. There is no need to stress about making everything matching and symmetrical – it should be a lovely, relaxed affair. Can you imagine anything prettier for a wedding?

Going all the way with floral vintage wedding ideas

If you want to go the whole hog, you can ask guests to observe the floral theme and dress accordingly. You can also make the food match; for example, you can serve salads with edible flowers, lavender ice cream and strawberry rose fairy cakes. The wedding cake, of course, can be covered in sugar paste flowers.

Finally, as vintage wedding ideas for favours, you can give guests some flower seeds so that they can relive your vintage wedding memories at home. Another good idea is to organise a stack of flower-printed note cards for guests to write personal messages on for you to read later. Keep younger guests entertained by giving them some bulbs, pots and soil and asking them to plant some flowers.

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