Vintage kitchenwares

Vintage kitchenwares

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The vintage look has been around for quite a while and shows no signs of falling out of favour any time soon. From wedding themes to home decor, vintage-inspired fashion and accessories are here to stay. There is no reason why you can’t indulge your love of all things vintage in the kitchen, as we hope to prove to you today.

Metal food covers – vintage appeal and practical

Back in the days when mothers would bake religiously every week, there would always be a good cake available ready for friends and neighbours to drop in for a cuppa and a slice. Before the days of plastic cake storage boxes, a metal mesh food cover would be used. This looks just the same today as it did in the good old days, giving you an instant touch of vintage whenever you use one. Metal mesh food covers are not just for covering cakes, of course, and can be used to keep flies, dust and debris off all kinds of dishes, especially if you are eating outside.

It’s not just metal food covers

Here at Wares, we understand that there are some pieces of kitchen kit that you just can’t improve on with modern materials and technology. Enamel plates are just one example of this – they are perfect for taking on picnics and eating outdoors, and they are so hardwearing and durable. In addition to enamel plates, we stock enamel dishes for pies and enamel mugs for camping trips.

Other kitchen accessories with a vintage look include mixing bowls and pudding bowls. The Mason Cash range of mixing bowls looks just like it did in our grandmother’s day, although a few new coloured designs have been introduced recently to bring the Mason Cash line right into the 21st century. The colours might be different, but these mixing bowls still have the same basic design and proportions and will last a lifetime.

As for pudding bowls, who remembers some great steamed puddings from their childhood? Treacle sponge pudding, spotted dick and chocolate sponge pudding with chocolate custard – all were devoured with simple pleasure whenever they were served. Again, Mason Cash is the name to look out for. The company has stayed true to the original designs of these kitchen classics, doing little over the years except increase the range of different sizes.

If all this talk of vintage kitchenwares has inspired you to go a little vintage in the kitchen, why not dig out a copy of Mrs Beeton’s recipe book and have a go at some old-fashioned recipes?

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