Vintage Jam Jar Covers

vintage jam jar covers

Jam making is one of those quaint, vintage hobbies that has come back into fashion along with a number of other retro pursuits. You don’t need any culinary skills to be able to make a delicious, fruity preserve as long as you can follow a few basic instructions, and then you can let your artistic skills loose upon the finished product. Wares of Knutsford supplies a massive range of jars for storing your preserves, but also a number of other accessories to present them at their best – spare lids, jar labels, modern and vintage jam jar covers and ribbons.

Vintage jam jar covers from Wares of Knutsford

There’s a wide range of attractive jar covers to choose from at Wares. Floral or fruity vintage jar covers tend to strike the appropriate retro note, and these can be bought in an assorted pack of five fabric covers or a pack of eight fruity and floral designs – two each of four pretty patterns – which come with handy fastening bands and co-ordinating ribbons, all designed for standard size jars. An eight pack of gingham or spotted covers works well for a modern or vintage look and again comes with two each of four colourways, fastening bands and co-ordinating ribbons.

If you preserve in large quantities, the 24 cover set is good value, with six each of four designs, wax and plastic discs and fastening bands for 1lb jars. Similarly there is a set of 30 decorated paper covers for 1lb or 2lb jars.

Using vintage jam jar covers to decorate your jars

The first step to decorating your jars is to label them. At the least you should include a title to describe the contents and then ideally the date of production and a best before date and storage instructions. It’s not a bad idea, if you have room, to include and ingredients list, so that people with allergies know if they are safe to eat what’s inside. You can consider going further by adding useful recipes or other ideas how to use the product.

The practicalities dealt with, it’s all about the pretty. Vintage jar covers used to be used in place of lids to seal the contents, but these days there’s no problem getting hold of lids, so covers are there for aesthetic reasons. A pretty cover and matching ribbon with your label can elevate your jam from something rather basic to a labour of love.

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