Vinaigrette Bottles

vinaigrette bottles

The different shapes and styles of bottles for vinaigrette, oil, sauces, liqueurs and other products may seem to be guided simply by personal preference, but in fact there are also practical considerations at play. Commercial enterprises will want to consider storage, packaging and how to make their vinaigrette bottles stand out from the competition, while those buying for personal use may be more interested in decorative effects.

Choice of colour will depend on the contents and storage conditions – light can degrade the quality of oils and some other ingredients, so green glass can be preferable for preservation purposes. However it can also be a shame to obscure attractive contents such as the gentle greeny gold glow of good quality olive oil and elements such as fresh herbs inside.

Bottle style guide

In Europe there are common names given to particular shapes or styles of bottle. The following classic styles are available from Wares of Knutsford:

Marasca vinaigrette bottles

The Marasca is a very practical bottle shape, tall and square with a round neck and the most traditional shape for oils. The compact, regular footprint allows for convenient storage while the straight sides make for neat label application. They make ideal oil or vinaigrette bottles but can also be used for all kinds of syrups or liqueurs and are available with screw or spout tops in clear or green glass. Sizes range from 125ml to 1 litre.

Bellolio bottle

This is a more decorative version of the Marasca, tapering slightly towards the bottom and with gently rounded edges. It is ideal for gifts or wedding favours and comes with a cork stopper, in clear glass in 250ml size.

Dorica vinaigrette bottles

Dorica is an elegant shape for bottles for vinaigrette – tall, slim and round with a distinctly formed shoulder. The simple silhouette looks modern and can be used for sauces, liqueurs or juices in addition to the more traditional oils and dressings. Sizes range from 100ml to 750ml in clear or green glass, with screw tops.

Taverna oil bottle

This romantic, rustic bottle is curvy with a useful handle. It comes with a cork top in clear glass and two different sizes. These are the classic “restaurant table” vinaigrette bottles.

Vintage oil bottles

What this shape lacks in Latin flair it makes up for in practical application, with a slightly wider but shorter neck. It comes in clear glass with a screw, twist or cork top and three different sizes. Useful for sauces and thicker liquids.

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