The versatility of milk bottles

The versatility of milk bottles 

Various flavors of milk in bottles with chocolate and strawberries isolated on white

For most people in the UK, the days of the daily milk delivery to our homes is long gone and the familiar clink of the glass milk bottles out in the street as the milkman trundles up the road in his electric float is a distant memory for all but a lucky few. Whilst it is rare nowadays to be able to find milk in glass bottles for sale in the shops, the good news is that empty glass milk bottles are still available to buy and we stock quite a range of different shapes and sizes. Whether you want to rustle up a yummy drink to serve in a milk bottle or to use these bottles in a creative craft project, check out our range to find the perfect bottle for you.

Shakes and smoothies in milk bottles

Glass milk bottles are ideal for serving nutritious and delicious smoothies. Try an invigorating blend of banana, spinach leaves, apple juice and the juice of a lime, all blended together to create a vitamin-packed superfood smoothie that is the perfect start to the day. Another great smoothie idea is banana, fresh milk, top-quality honey and chopped almonds. Blended together and chilled in the fridge, this makes an awesome breakfast smoothie that is filling and delicious.

Whilst a smoothie is a great way to start the day and ensure you get all the vitamins and nutrients you need, sometimes something a little sweeter is the order of the day, which is where homemade milkshakes come in. These are excellent for children’s birthday parties and look fabulous served in old-fashioned milk bottles with colourful straws. Chocolate and banana milkshakes always go down well; alternatively, for something a little different, try blending some raspberries or blackberries with the milk for a wholesome, colourful shake that tastes sublime.

Creative ideas for milk bottles

Milk bottle creativity does not have to be confined to the kitchen; in addition, there are plenty of craft ideas you can try using these bottles. Try painting the outside of the bottles with chalk paint in pastel shades to create cute little vases that work brilliantly in groups of three; alternatively, tie old-fashioned twine around the necks of the bottles and hang them from hooks on the wall. With a single dried rose in each bottle, they will blend vase and wall art for a stunning effect.

If you love the vintage look of glass milk bottles and have some creative ideas of your own, why not share them with us on social media?

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