Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

valentines gifts

Let’s face it, men can find St Valentines gifts a challenge. It’s an area fraught with difficulty – ignore the occasion and you’ll be in the dog house, but if go over the top you risk scaring her away. So not only is it a romantic obstacle course to get the tone right, there’s also the difficulty of being original.

Having said that, there’s an honesty in simplicity and women have a razor sharp sixth sense for sincerity on these occasions. Forget wading through the murky waters of buying underwear (it’s always too big, too small or the wrong style), jewellery (a minefield!) or the expense of a mini break. Go back to basics and keep it personal.

Valentines gifts for her – sure winners

Cook for her. Even if the result tastes like dish water, she’ll appreciate the effort. On the other hand, if you show some culinary talent you’ll score some major Brownie points! It may sound a little cheesy but give a nod to the occasion by working on a heart shaped theme – if you present her with a heart shaped dish, your intentions will be clear. The Wares of Knutsford range of heart shaped cooking accessories includes full size or miniature cake tins, heart shaped cutters, ramekins and egg rings. Use the egg rings to present your main course potatoes, rice or vegetables, for example, in a neat, heart shaped stack, or finish the meal with a heart shaped creme brulee, cheesecake or mousse.

Creative, imaginative Valentines gifts for her

A message in a bottle is the most romantic of Valentines Day gifts. Wares of Knutsford sells attractive Gladstone glass bottles with cork tops that are ideal for this purpose. However the romantic part is what you put inside… If you’re the wordy, intellectual type you will probably already have a good idea of what you want to say and how to express it, otherwise the internet is your friend. Find a quotations database and search by theme in the section relating to love or romance. You’ll find a number of popular, unattributed proverbs, while classical British poet Lord Byron is always good for a thoughtful line or two. Having selected the appropriate sentiment, it’s easy enough to print it beautifully on a sheet of paper which you then roll up and insert into your bottle.

Among all your other romantic preparations, make sure you don’t forget to buy her a card, and a bunch of flowers never goes amiss…

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