Love is In the Air 2016

Valentines Day ideas 2016

Valentine’s Day can be a romantic minefield but ignoring it could spell disaster. Keep things simple by sticking to the traditional themes: flowers, chocolate and diamonds usually find favour! At Wares of Knutsford we can’t help you out with the sparkly gems but we have plenty of ideas for Valentines Day 2016, including heart shaped goodies to help create a romantic ambience on Sunday evening.

Culinary Valentines Day ideas 2016

Heart shaped cakes and biscuits aren’t particularly original but are easy for Valentines Day ideas 2016 and show a clear romantic intent. You can use a basic sponge cake recipe and cook it in our heart shaped cake pan or make four mini heart cakes using our fluted edge heart shaped tins. Add a bit of pink icing and some pretty sugar paste shapes and bingo! You have a romantic dessert.

If dinner isn’t really part of your plans, use our heart shaped cutters to make some romantic biscuits. You can decorate these or leave them plain, the heart shape does the work for you.

Alternatively, you may want to go the whole hog and create a day-long romantic theme. You can start the day with our non-stick heart shaped egg rings, then use a heart egg mould to add a romantic touch to lunch. Simply put a peeled hard-boiled egg in the mould, press and use in sandwiches or salad. Heart shaped cake and biscuits will make a great afternoon tea, and then you can finish off an aphrodisiac dinner of oysters and asparagus with a heart shaped crème brulee. Our ‘Eternal Flame’ blowtorch and heart shaped ramekin gift set makes it easy to achieve that crispy, golden finish.

Valentines Day ideas 2016 for when you can’t cook!

If that all sounds a bit beyond your culinary talents, at least make sure you get a decent gift! Flowers and chocolates are always a good bet but try to go for something a bit more personal too. Underwear is a popular but dangerous choice; woe betide the romantic admirer who buys the wrong size! To be on the safe side, go for something more neutral, and make sure you present it well. Wrap it in seasonal paper and add a pretty ribbon and gift tag. Our packaging department includes a number of delightful gift tags including some classic floral printed, heart shaped options and a charming wooden tag printed ‘with love’.

Even if your gift isn’t a hit, you’ll get points for effort!

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