Using stencils for jam jar creativity

Using stencils for jam jar creativity


StencilsOur customers are a truly creative lot and never cease to amaze us with the inventive, clever and downright stylish ways they find to use our jars and bottles. When we came across some stencils for jars and bottles, we knew instantly that they would be a hit and that we just had to stock them.

Funky jar stencils

These clever stencils for jars come in a pack of four stencil sheets. The sheets cover the alphabet in two different sizes, numbers from zero to nine, and symbols and decorative shapes. The symbols and shapes include a heart, stars, arrows, a decorative flourish, some dotted lines and an oval border shape, and the typeface is a classic, old-fashioned style.

The stencils are simplicity itself to use. Just peel the stencils you need away from the backing sheet and stick to the jar or bottle that you want to decorate. It is important to make sure the jar is spotlessly clean and dry before you begin to ensure the stencils stick down fully on the glass. With the stencils firmly in place, just paint away over the top and leave to dry. Once completely dry, gently lift away each individual stencil and clean the stencils with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.

Get creative with jar stencils

Using these stencils for jars of jam would be a great idea, especially if you plan to give the jam away as a gift for Christmas or birthdays. This personal touch will set your gift apart and create a lasting impression, with the typeface and design of the stencils right on trend. Crafts and homemade items are really experiencing a surge in popularity right now and these jar stencils sit perfectly with this trend.

Another great way to use these stencils for jars is to create wedding favours or use them as posy jars to feature on tables at a wedding reception. Stencilling the initials of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding would be a charming way to create a personalised item for the wedding tables.

Whatever ideas you come up with for these fabulous jar stencils, we are certain that they will be a lot of fun. As the stencils are easy to remove and clean, they can be reused over and over to provide lots of opportunities for stylish creativity.

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