Using Plastic Jars

plastic jar yellow top Using Plastic Jars

When it comes to storage jars, most people would agree that glass jars add a certain charm to the kitchen or pantry, especially if they are traditional Kilner or Mason jars or vintage-inspired decorative jars. Sometimes, however, a plastic jar is simply more practical for a particular application. In today’s post, we look through our range of plastic storage jars and discuss the various uses these jars are suitable for.

Plastic jars for safety

 One big advantage of plastic storage jars is that they are much safer to handle than glass jars. With little ones running around the kitchen, using one of these jars as a cookie jar is a great idea, as children can safely reach up and get a cookie or biscuit without the risk of tipping over a heavy glass jar and breaking it. The 1,823ml size would be a good option for use as a cookie jar, while the slightly smaller 1,000ml jar could perhaps serve a similar purpose and hold wafers or sweet treats.

 If you are a dog owner and you like to keep dog treats available, one of the smaller jars would again be suitable. The screw top lid means that Fido will not be able to help himself to treats, while the clear plastic means you can see how many treats you have left.

 Plastic jars for storage

 When it comes to storing liquids, plastic jars can really come into their own. If you make a large batch of homemade soup, for example, a large plastic jar is perfect to store it in the fridge. Juices and smoothies can also be made up in bulk and then stored in a large plastic jar to have at hand throughout the day. Plastic storage jars can also safely go in the freezer; therefore, if your homemade liquid creations can be frozen, plastic is the right choice for you.

 If your pantry cupboards look permanently untidy, with split bags of pasta and spilt rice everywhere, some plastic storage jars could sort everything out in double-quick time. Pouring pasta, rice and flour into their own airtight storage jars will keep them fresh and tidy. Herbs and spices can also be stored in this way – traditional spice jars can often be too small, especially if you buy your spices from an ethnic supermarket where pack sizes tend to be much larger.

 Plastic storage jars come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and you can find exactly the right jars for everything you need to store.


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