Using a lattice pastry cutter

Getting to grips with lattice pastry cutters

Delicious Homemade Cherry Pie with a Flaky Crust

There is no denying that a lattice pie adds a certain sophistication to your home baking efforts. No one will be in any doubt that you have really worked hard on your baking when you show off your beautiful lattice pie. If you are not confident in your lattice-making skills, don’t worry – there is an easy way to get perfect results every time. Whether you are making a lattice pie with apples, cherries or even strawberries, we will show you how to achieve a perfectly-spaced lattice pie crust to top it off.

Using a lattice pastry cutter

There are different types of pastry cutter available for making lattice pie tops; however, we recommend the roller type. These are much easier to use and give a much more consistent lattice. This type of pastry cutter gives a nice, even criss-cross pattern on the pastry.

To create your lattice pie top, first roll out the pastry on a flat surface to the desired thickness. If your pastry is too thick, the pie crust will dominate and will prevent the taste of the fruit shining through; if your pastry is too thin, you risk it breaking as you lift it onto the pie or during cooking.

When you have spread the pastry out to the required size, press the cutter into the pastry and roll it firmly across. Lift the lattice pastry up very carefully and place it gently onto the pie base and filling. Trim off any surplus and gently seal the edges using your fingers to crimp all round.

That’s all there is to it – your pie is now ready to go in the oven. Don’t forget that you can always use up the pastry trimmings by squashing them into a ball and re-rolling them with the rolling pin to make a few jam tarts, for example.

Our lattice pastry cutter

Made from tough white plastic, our pastry cutters are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. They even come with a 12-month guarantee. Manufactured by premium kitchenwares company KitchenCraft, this little tool will no doubt become a favourite gadget and will earn you admiring comments whenever you serve a delicious, professional-looking lattice pie.

More lattice pie ideas

Pretty much any fruit can be used to make a lattice pie, including apples, cherries, peaches and even blueberries. A strawberry and rhubarb lattice pie would work brilliantly. For savoury lovers, try a chicken and mushroom pie or go vegetarian with a leek, potato and blue cheese pie. Whatever recipe you choose, you are sure to have a lot of lattice fun.

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