Using glass jars for wedding displays

Using glass jars for wedding displays 

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With summer just around the corner, we are well and truly in wedding season and couples up and down the country are busy putting the finishing touches to their wedding preparations. Whether you are getting married in the next few months or your big day is still a long way off, we hope to inspire you in this post with creative ideas for wedding displays.

With many brides looking to make some of their wedding accessories, we hope to show that using jars for wedding displays is a cost-effective but super-stylish solution. When it comes to glass jars bulk buying is the answer; read on for creative ideas and suggestions for the perfect jars to use.

Flowers in glass jars

If you are planning a vintage or country garden theme for your wedding, displaying your flowers in glass jars will add a delightfully simple touch that will look stunning. If your ceremony is being held in an outdoor venue, try tying mason jars to the chairs at the end of each row and filling them with small handpicked posies. Follow this through for the reception by placing groups of three to five larger jars on each table and filling them with a bold and colourful array of fresh flowers. Think strong pink roses, with masses of fluffy gypsophila and lots of pale eucalyptus for foliage, or go for a much more vibrant look with bright red and orange gerberas; rich, dark dahlias; and punchy exotic foliage.

Candles and lights in glass jars 

Candles in jam jars make lovely wedding favours and decorations.

Another great idea is to use larger jars to hold candles, tea lights or strings of LED lights to add some gentle and romantic lighting to your wedding venue. Whether you choose tiny jars to hold tea lights or gallon jars to hold chunky pillar candles, the effect will be magical. Think carefully about how many jars you need to get the effect you are looking for, as skimping on the number of jars you use could reduce the impact significantly. If possible, have a practice in your garden or living room to see how much light is produced and the overall feeling when the jars are illuminated.

If you have made your decision and you are ready to buy your glass jars bulk packs are likely to be a good idea. There are significant savings to be had by choosing our larger pack sizes, so check out our bargain packs or call us for advice on the best value options to choose.

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