Using Deluxe Glass Jam Jars

Using Deluxe Glass Jam Jars 

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We’ve talked in previous posts about how the choice of jar that you make for your home preserving projects can have quite a big impact on the overall effect of the finished product. After all, a batch of jam from a fancy recipe will never look fabulous if it’s poured into a mismatched assortment of old jars in random sizes, with tired looking lids. That same jam, presented beautifully in a set of smart, new jars with shiny lids will look so much more professional and appetising, and suitable to give as a gift to friends and family. In today’s post, we look at our range of deluxe jars and suggest ways in which you can use quality food jars to their best advantage.

Choosing the Right Food Jars

Our deluxe jars come in a range of sizes, including 110ml, 125ml, 190ml, 300ml and 500ml. All the jars in the deluxe range feature straight-sided, heavyweight glass, for a quality feel. The two smaller jars are perfect for smaller servings of things like lemon curd, honey, chilli jams or mustards. Some customers also buy these sizes of jars to store homemade baby food in, which we think is a great idea!

The larger sizes of jar suit all sorts of home preserves, and especially more contemporary recipes such as strawberry and vanilla jam, chocolate and raspberry jam, or fennel and citrus pickle.

Labelling Your Food Jars

Whilst your choice of what jam jars to use says a lot about how professional you want the end product to look, it’s just as important to get the jar labelling right. Rather than simply sticking on a plain white printer label and hand writing what flavour the pickle or preserve is, why not check out our range of jam jar labels and tags, to find a label that perfectly matches the look that you’re aiming for?

From labels featuring gorgeous fruits to bright and contemporary Union Jack designs, we have jam jar labels to suit all styles and tastes. Our jam jar stencil kit is a firm favourite, and suits these quality food jars perfectly. The clean lines and chunky glass of the jars match the modern and robust typeface used for the stencils, and the finished stencil effect is as modern as it gets.

Whether you are an artisan producer selling your preserves commercially, or you’re simply an enthusiastic amateur who wants your produce to look its very best, our deluxe jam jars should help you along the way. With a cracking recipe and quality ingredients, these jars will help you steal the show!

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