The useful 50ml bottle

The useful 50ml bottle image1

When it comes to miniature bottles, we think it is fair to say that our range is second to none. If you read our blog because you are a home preserves enthusiast or a keen cook, you may be wondering what on earth such a small bottle can be used for? Read on and all will be revealed, as the 50ml bottle is hugely popular and ideal for a wide range of projects.

Uses for a 50ml bottle

These miniature bottles are not designed for actually making things in, of course, but they are perfect for decanting your homemade drinks and infusions to use as wedding favours or to give as gifts to friends and family. Many wedding couples choose to give individual drinks to their guests as favours, such as a small bottle of infused gin or vodka, or perhaps a dram of the finest single malt whisky.

Once you have decided which miniature bottles you want to use for your wedding favours or gifts, you also need to think about presentation. A cute label, handwritten with the details of the contents and the recipient’s name, will add a warm and personalised touch. Set the whole thing off with a pretty ribbon around the neck of the bottle for the perfect finishing touch.

A 50ml bottle – the choices

We have quite an extensive range of miniature bottles to choose from here at Wares, so there is bound to be a bottle that perfectly suits your project or creative idea. The most popular bottle in this range is the 50ml Gladstone bottle with its dinky cork stopper. These gorgeous little bottles appear to have come straight from Harry Potter’s chemistry lessons, and they look so charming when used as gifts or wedding favours. Try them filled with traditional sloe gin or go a little more contemporary with rhubarb gin, which is really on trend at the moment.

Another great choice in a 50ml size is the miniature whisky bottle. Looking every inch like a scaled-down version of a traditional whisky bottle, this one is particularly popular with wedding couples who are getting married in Scotland and want to keep a Scottish theme running throughout their big day.

Our third 50ml pick is the flask-style bottle that looks like a miniature hip flask bottle. Again, these work brilliantly for homemade drinks such as sloe gin. They are also suitable for infused spirits such as apricot brandy, strawberry vodka, and blackberry and apple gin.

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