Unusual Jars for Jam Making, Stylish Jam Jars

Unusual jars

The standard jam jar tends to be round, straight sided and come with a screw top lid. It is popular because it serves its purpose perfectly, and also because it is the regulation in competition jam making. However if you are making jam professionally and trying to create a certain image for your product, or if you are giving your produce as a gift, you may want to find more unusual jars, that look more sophisticated and decorative. Sometimes spending a little extra for eye catching packaging can pay dividends later on!

Unusual jars in round and square shapes

Globe or gourmet shaped jars offer an interesting variation upon the standard theme. Globe shaped jars are pleasingly squat and simple. They are available from Wares of Knutsford in a number of sizes – 106ml, 212ml or 314ml, with a choice of lids colours. Gourmet jars are slimmer at the bottom, filling out at the top and embossed with a handle effect on the sides. They come in the same sizes as the globe jars, plus an extra 580ml size.

Square jars look modern and sophisticated and are easy to store. Available sizes are 130ml, 200ml and 293ml and again with a choice of lid colours. They are also available as bargain packs, which are ideal for small business.

If you prefer round jars but like a smart look, tall, slim cylindrical jars look elegant in any setting and, with a small footprint, are easy to store. Gold or silver screw tops are supplied.

In the same vein, consider hexagonal or octagonal jars or those with clip tops instead of the standard screw caps.

Extra special unusual jars

Wares of Knutsford also sells some really individual unusual jam jars if you want your product to really stand out. There are two sizes of heart shaped jar – 106ml and 314ml – both with screw tops in a choice of colours. These are ideal not just for Valentine’s Day but to lend a touch of romance a year round!

The luxurious looking Grecian jar in 212ml is formed in the shape of an urn, with a choice of five colours of screw cap. The Macedonia jar, 580ml, is a similar shape to the gourmet jars but is embossed all over with a grape vine pattern. It too is supplied with a screw top in four colours.

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