Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

wedding favour ideas

Giving wedding guests special favours to mark the occasion of your marriage is a long-standing tradition that is still incredibly popular today. Five sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life have long been the norm but today’s brides and grooms are indulging their creative sides by packaging favours that have special significance to them. Large custom packs of interesting glass bottles and jars make fantastic containers for a whole host of unique wedding favour ideas. Add pretty decorative ribbons and a name tag so your favours can double up as place cards.

Edible wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours featuring food and drink are always popular and make a lovely treat for your guests. Sweets are always fun and there are plenty of different types to choose from. Classic childhood sweets are perfect for a retro style wedding and look great displayed in traditional clip-down lidded jam jars. For a more contemporary feel, choose jelly beans or sherbet to match the colour scheme of your wedding in a corked Gladstone laboratory-style bottle. If your area or wedding venue is renowned for a particular foodstuff, this can be a great wedding favour. Local chutneys work brilliantly in small hexagonal glass jars whilst unusual small glass bottles are the perfect vehicle for the region’s alcoholic speciality. You could even produce special labels with details of the wedding to give your favours a bespoke touch. Purchasing custom bulk packs that can be tailored to your individual needs ensures you get the perfect jar to display your wedding favours.

Quirky wedding favour ideas

If you would prefer ideas for wedding favours with a longer shelf-life then there is an array of beautiful options to choose from. Nature lovers could opt to give seeds from their favourite flowers, or even miniature plants grown in attractive glass jars. Tall bottles are the perfect way to present slim candles that complement your colour scheme or even a handful of fun glow sticks. Kids will love small ink bottles of magic dust, complete with miniature fairy wands. Alternatively you could commission a special scent for your guests to remember your day by. Custom bulk packs of jars are not only great value but allow you to choose a range of different jars for a more interesting table display.

There is a huge variety of great wedding favour ideas to choose from to make your day special and personal to you. Giving a small commemorative gift in an attractive glass presentation jar is a brilliant keepsake for your guests.

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