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travel jar

Before your good intentions get squashed beneath the weight of the nonsense of daily life, start putting some of your new year’s resolutions into action. One of the most common resolutions is to be more organised and tidy around the house, and we have some great ideas to help.

What is a travel jar?

It’s a shame to throw away all the sentimental travel keepsakes that mark your holidays and special trips, but you risk ending up with drawers and drawers of what looks like rubbish and an invitation to appear on TV reality shows about out of control hoarding!

We recommend organising all your travel keepsakes in a travel jar to help you keep these tokens safe and easily accessible. Not only will large jars keep all your relevant keepsakes together safely but will also allow you to display them prettily and in a neat and organised fashion.

What can you put in a travel jar?

It’s so easy to do – simply collect together all the little pieces of memory and arrange inside a large jar – Kilner or Mason style jars are idea for this job. On a beach holiday you may have collected a handful of sand which you can use to line the base of the jar, or a few pebbles or shells. You can add the ticket for your trip, a map or brochure, some photos and any little souvenirs you may have bought such as figurines or models and jewellery. What you put in really depends upon the size of the jar you use and how much you put in. If you go for a really large jar you can add larger items such as a pair of well worn sandals or flip flops! Don’t over pack the jar as you want each item to have a bit of space, and you want to be able to get everything out occasionally to help you relive holiday moments. Label the jar with the relevant location and date.

If you travel a lot you could have a whole row of jars in a line on a shelf, each marking special times of your life.

While in theory this idea is designed to help you remember your travels and journeys, you can make keepsake jars to mark any special events in your life – children’s birthdays, weddings, days out, or even make a jar for every year and add mementoes of all the best moments as the year progresses.

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