Traditional pie dishes and their uses

Traditional pie dishes and their uses

If you yearn to do more home cooking and to rely less on processed foods from the supermarket, the humble pie dish may well be your new best friend and closest ally. It is actually very easy to prepare your own ‘ready meals’ using fresh, local produce and to store them in the freezer for later use. Let’s take a look at some traditional pies and the dishes to make them in.

Cottage pie in a rustic baking dish

Pie dishes for all sorts of recipes

The type of pie dish you choose depends on what kind of pie you would like to make. Deep dishes are suitable for pies that only have a top crust or pies that have a lot of juice or gravy, such as steak and ale pie or cottage pie. Shallow, oblong dishes work brilliantly for fish pies or perhaps a chicken and mushroom pie. Plate-style dishes suit fruit pies and other flatter-style pies – check online for ‘plate pie recipes’ to find more ideas for different pies.

Traditional pie dishes for sale

We have quite a range of traditional pie dishes for sale at Wares that are suitable for all sorts of pies, crumbles and bakes. The round, enamel dishes from Falcon are perfect for things such as apple pies and savoury cheese and potato pies.

The traditional brown earthenware dishes from Mason Cash will be familiar to many, as they go back a long way and were at one time a regular feature on dining tables up and down the country. Often used to serve hearty winter warmers, such as shepherd’s pie or lamb cobbler, these dishes are versatile, practical and long-lasting. Their simple styling gives them a timeless appeal and they fit just as well in today’s kitchen as they did all those decades ago. Today, the dishes are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe; therefore, they make a great addition to the modern kitchen.

The round dishes from Mason Cash have more depth and are great for deep-dish pies, such as deep-dish apple pie. You don’t have to use apple in your deep-dish pie, of course – cherries or any other fruit would work just as well to produce a truly mouthwatering dessert.

Next time you find yourself browsing the supermarket aisles for quick and easy meals, why not opt to create a few of your own ready meals instead? By cooking up a batch of pies and storing them in the freezer, you will find you have prepared lots of tasty meals in no time at all.

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