Traditional enamel pie dishes

Traditional enamel pie dishes

Look around almost every British kitchen and you are sure to find one or two iconic pieces of kitchenware. Traditional enamel plates and pies dishes are one of these traditional icons, with their plain white styling and blue rim. These dishes are versatile and durable and it is not surprising that they have been firm kitchenware favourites for generations. In this post, we take a look at the Falcon range of enamel plates and pie dishes and highlight a few ideas for what to cook in them.

Enamel pie dishes and plates from Falcon

Falcon has been making traditional white enamelware for almost a century. Enamelware is brilliantly suited to the rigours of the busy kitchen, as it is virtually indestructible. You might chip a pie dish if you drop it, but you won’t ever break it! You can pop enamelware in the dishwasher, and in the oven, and you can even use enamel dishes on the hob. Enamelware is not suitable for the microwave, however, but it can be put in the freezer.

We carry an extensive range of Falcon enamelware, including flat plates, rice plates, soup plates and pie dishes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Many dishes are available as a set of three or four, in various sizes, and these are perfect if you want to prepare a batch of pies for the freezer.

Home-made shepherds pie in traditional enamel dish.

Home-made shepherds pie in traditional enamel dish.

Recipe ideas for enamel pie dishes

When we think about traditional pies cooked in a pie dish, we usually think first of steak and kidney pie, or perhaps beef and ale pie; however, there is much more to pies and there are all sorts of tempting recipes available to tickle your taste buds.

A ham, leek and potato pie is a nice idea if you are looking for something a little lighter than a traditional beef pie. Chicken and bacon also work well in a pie, combined with leeks and a splash of creme fraiche to create a creamy sauce. Vegetarians will love alternatives such broccoli and mushroom pie or spinach and gruyere cheese pie.

Traditionally, pies were seen as good, hearty food for everyday mealtimes and were not really considered ‘posh’ enough for dinner parties; however, this has changed and pies are very much in fashion again, especially the more contemporary pie recipes. If you are looking for an unusual recipe idea for a dinner party with friends, why not try a rich pheasant pie, a hearty venison pie, or even a wild rabbit pie? Each of these is guaranteed to get guests talking and will be a delight to eat.

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