The world of storage jars

The world of storage jars

 If your home is full of clutter, with bits and bobs filling every available shelf, windowsill and counter top, it is time to do something about it and get organised. For some reason, clutter seems to creep up on most of us from time to time and we tend to put off doing anything about it because we don’t know how to tackle the problem or where to store all the ‘stuff’. This is where storage jars can make a real difference, helping you to reclaim your living space, tidy up, and never be at a loss for where to find that certain something you just know is close at hand somewhere.  You will find all our storage jars here

A close up selection of pickled and fermented vegetables in Kilner jars

Clip Top Jars ideal for food storage of every kind.

 Storage jars in the kitchen

 There are jars in all sorts of shapes and sizes suitable for use as storage containers. The type and size of jar you use will, of course, depend largely on what you plan to store in it. If you need to get your kitchen cupboards or pantry in order, for example, you will find that some big plastic jars work brilliantly for storing foods such as pasta, rice, lentils and cereals. Small glass spice jars will have all your herbs and spices tidied up in no time, and organising these might just inspire you to use some of them in a tasty curry or a new baking experiment!

 Storage jars are not just for food

 One of our biggest jars is the one gallon large storage jar. If you are a fan of pickled eggs, why not have a go at making your own? This is the perfect jar for this purpose or for something such as preserved lemons. Alternatively, this large storage jar will look fabulous as a decorative ornament, filled with seashells, pine cones or similar and positioned stylishly on a bathroom shelf.

 If you have children who have toys with many parts, such as toy cars or Lego, plastic storage containers could prove invaluable in helping to keep the play area or bedroom tidy. A large storage jar also works brilliantly as a pot for crayons and colouring pencils, or for storing craft materials.

 Craft activities have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years and many adults now dedicate a spare bedroom as their ‘craft room’. Whether you are interested in dressmaking, embroidery, knitting or another craft, you probably have plenty of tools and supplies cluttering your workspace. Again, some sensible plastic storage containers will have your space organised before you know it, leaving you with more time to enjoy your projects and less time spent looking for specific items or materials.


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