The perfect jam jar

DSC_3328The perfect jam jar

When it comes to jam jars, it is easy for the uninitiated to think that one jar is pretty much the same as the next. Whilst we are happy to acknowledge that we may be slightly biased, we would still beg to differ. With hundreds of different jar styles, shapes and sizes in our range, it can be quite a challenge to highlight the best jam jars available.

The best jam jar for jams and preserves

It may be surprising to learn that not everyone uses our jars for jams or preserves. Many people buy our jars with absolutely no intention of ever using them for jam! From wedding favours to chic drinking jars, and many other creative uses, our jars get repurposed in all sorts of inspiring ways. We will look at the best jam jars for creative ideas later; for now, we will concentrate on the perfect jar for jam-making.

For many people, simplicity is best. The traditional clear glass jar, in either 8oz or 12oz size, is the perfect jar for making jam. Topped with a red or blue gingham checked lid, these jars give the quintessential jam jar look. For some reason, honey seems to be presented most often in hexagonal jars, whilst marmalade typically goes into globe jam jars. It is possible that the perfect jar cannot be defined, as it depends so much on what you want to do with it.

The best jam jar for creative uses

As we have mentioned before, jam jars are not simply for making jam, as demonstrated by our creative customers. Many use our jars to hold wedding favours. Filled with sweets or truffles, they make charming personalised favours, with a really handmade and thoughtful feel to them. Our mini jam jars and hexagonal jars are the most popular for use as wedding favours. Still on the wedding theme, some wedding couples keep the vintage theme going by using the larger Mason jars as vases for the flowers on their wedding tables.

For anyone thinking of making jam to give as a gift, our Bonne Maman-style jars and Luminarc faceted jars provide a charming French-inspired look and are perhaps the perfect jars for gift-giving. It is often the small details, such as the choice of jar and the colour of the lid, that make all the difference to the end result.

Have we identified the best jam jars? We have certainly done our best to highlight some of our favourites; however, with so many to choose from, it is a tough task! Why not browse our range to find your own perfect jar?

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