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From beautiful preserved fruits to your own beer brewed at home, there is an array of delicious produce you can create in your kitchen. Decanting your handiwork into specially designed bottles allows you to enjoy these treats throughout the year. Another advantage when you decide to buy bottles online is that you can order in large quantities. Not only does buying in bulk offer significant discounts, saving you money, but having your bottles delivered direct to your door means you don’t have to worry about the logistics of transporting them. At Wares of Knutsford we pride ourselves on being bottle suppliers with an enormous selection of different shapes and sizes of bottle to cater for every occasion.

Kitchen bottle suppliers

Preserving fruit and vegetables has been a tradition for hundreds of year. The resurgence in interest in kitchen gardening and growing your own means this culinary art is once again a popular pastime. We have a range of glass bottles perfect for storing a variety of goods, such as small fruits, homemade cordials or even salad dressings. Choose screw cap square bottles for ketchups and relishes or elegant cork stoppered ones for liqueurs. Swing top bottles make ideal containers for flavoured oils whilst many of our styles are also available in plastic if you need to transport your goods safely. Home brewing is an extremely popular hobby and we have all the essential kit. Lay down your homemade sloe gin in our attractive clip top bottles or opt for traditional green glass beer bottles for your ale and cider.

Decorative bottle suppliers

In addition to useful everyday glass bottles we also offer a wide choice of decorative glass containers. If you choose to give your carefully-crafted home produce as gifts, an appealing bottle makes a lovely finishing touch. Tall conical liqueur bottles give your gifts an elegant feel whilst our unusual wave bottles add a quirky touch. We even have an unusual triple bottle, featuring three small individually corked bottles that fit together to create one larger one. Our bottles are not just for kitchen use – we provide a fabulous selection of small apothecary bottles suitable for storing essential oils whilst our cute small decorative bottles make great containers for your very own blends of perfume.

It couldn’t be easier to buy bottles online, whether you are looking for just one special item or to purchase amazing value bulk buys. We have a huge variety to choose from, including versatile kitchen bottles and attractive decorative jars. Whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it amongst our great selection.

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  1. hello im enquiring about the cardboard separators that you use when i get an order of jam jars from you. do you sell the cardboard separators. thanks for your help

    1. Hello Christine

      Thank you for your enquiry. Please can you explain exactly what you would like to know about our cardboard separators.

      Valerie Byles, Wares of Knutsford Limited

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