The history of Kilner jars

 For kitchen enthusiasts and lovers of jams, jellies and preserves, the humble Kilner jar is an iconic symbol of home preserving at its finest. From small pots of lemon curd to gallon jars of pickled eggs, these instantly-recognisable glass preserving jars can handle anything you might like to preserve. In today’s blog post, we take a step back in time and investigate the history of the Kilner jar, with a catch-up on where the company is today and how these fabulous jars have changed over the years.

 The earliest Kilner jars

 The very first Kilner jars were created by a Yorkshire-based glassmaking firm called John Kilner and Co. The firm started business way back in 1842, with the classic vacuum seal Kilner jar introduced in 1900. The firm continued to operate from its Yorkshire factories until 1937, when the patents and trademarks to the Kilner brand were sold to the United Glass Bottle Company. Under new ownership, the range of jars was expanded and the design improved.

 In the 60s, Kilner introduced the two-step lid with its metal sealing band and metal disc lid. This design is still going strong over 50 years later and is one of the most recognisable parts of the Kilner brand.

 In 2003, the Kilner brand was again sold to new owners. The Rayware Group now owns the brand and has worked hard to breathe new life into the range whilst remaining true to the original spirit of Kilner. With a creative design team and stringent quality control processes, Kilner’s preserving jars are just as much of a kitchen classic as they were when they were first introduced.

 Kilner jars in all shapes and sizes

 Back when these jars were first launched, Kilner promoted them as ‘The original and best’. This slogan is still used today on some of its preserving jar range; however, the brand now offers far more than the two-part preserving jars. Kilner fans can enjoy clip top jars and bottles, drinking jars and dispensers, storage jars and twist top jars, and a number of limited edition special designs and gift sets. Whilst the original jars from Kilner were clear glass creations, today’s jars and bottles are available in a number of pastel colours and in frosted and ridged designs.


Homemade sliced pickles in mason jars on a kitchen counter

Over the years, the range of jar sizes has also increased. There are now jars to suit every preserving or pickling project you could think of, so why not check out the Kilner range on our website today?


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