The Best Jars for Jam

jars for jam

At Wares of Knutsford we take preserving very seriously, and we know that serious preservers put considerable care into choosing the best jam jars to present their goods. We have worked hard to select a range of what we consider to be the best jam jars, combining both form and function with economy. Our jam jars department includes all the jars we think make jam look great, in a variety of sizes and styles including miniature 30ml and large 725ml capacities. All the jars come with vinegar proof, heat sealable screw tops in a choice of colours.

Bulk buy jars for jam

We sell our jars in small pack sizes such as six, 12 or 24, which should suffice for most home preservers, However we also know that some preservers take their hobby very seriously and make jams, chutneys and other preserves in large quantity, and sometimes even turn their passion for preserving into a commercial enterprise. If you want to preserve on a larger scale, take a look at our bargain packs of 192 jars with lids. These offer great savings and of course are subject to our usual flat delivery charge. A number of our best jam jars are available in bargain packs, including miniature size jars which are great for giving out samples.

Bulk buy packs are also popular with small business or those buying for events to use as favours.

Choosing jars for jam

Our standard jars for jam are great for functionality, uniformity and economy. They are a clean and smart way to store large quantities of jams and preserves, with smooth sides for easy labelling and a choice of lid colours. They are also perfect for competition jam making.

However if you are giving away your produce as gifts you might want to consider a more decorative option. There are lots of elegant and pretty jars for this purpose including deluxe and bonta styles, hexagonal or octagonal shaped and faceted jars, plus Bonne Maman style jars for classic Gallic chic. Again these are suitable for personal or commercial use and can give an upmarket look to your home made preserves.

All the jars are made of high quality clear glass to best show off the jewel colours of your jams, marmalades and preserves. Remember to wash your jars in hot soapy water and sterilise before filling.

Before you check out, take a look at our jar labels, with a wide range of attractively decorated and plain labels to ensure you always know what’s what in your jars.

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