The best bottles for plum wine

BottlesThe best bottles for plum wine

It is August and that can only mean one thing – plums are now in season, and will remain in season until around October. If you are fortunate enough to have your own plum tree, or even several plum trees, then finding ways to use your delicious juicy plums can tax even the most enthusiastic of home preserving fans. One great idea that we have already looked at is making your own plum wine. Whether you plan on drinking it yourself or giving it away as a Christmas or birthday gift, plum wine can certainly help to use up some of those fabulous plums. Before you start the fermenting process, however, you need to consider the type of bottle you will use when the time comes to bottle your wine.

Choosing your plum wine bottles

We stock a range of wine bottles in pack sizes ranging from six to 36 in a standard 750ml size. We have both green and clear glass; however, as plum wine has a slightly pink colour to it, much like rosé wine, a clear glass bottle would probably suit it better. Our standard bottles do not come with corks, but we do supply these separately. If you prefer not to use corks, we also stock some green glass screw neck Bordeaux bottles, which are supplied with a plastic wine cap.

Alternative plum wine bottles

Standard wine bottles will probably suit if you are making wine to drink yourself; however, if you plan to give your wine as a gift, a fancier bottle may be in order. Plum wine suits being drunk when young, making a swing-top bottle perfect. Our 750ml faceted Costalata swing-top bottles would make a charming gift filled with your own homemade wine, as would our Kilner one-litre blue glass bottles with swing-top lids. For smaller gifts, the 335ml Capri swing-top bottle would offer just less than a standard half bottle of wine.

Once your plum wine has been racked and bottled, the perfect finishing touch is a nice label. Many of our labels are suitable to use as wine labels; therefore, if you are giving the wine as a gift, why not use a pretty decorative tag? Giving homemade items really shows that you have put some thought into a gift and the extra details, such as special bottles, pretty labels and tags, add up to create the overall effect. If you are not careful, your plum wine will look so delightful that you won’t want to give it away!

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