Christmas Gifts for Tea Lovers

tea gifts

Tea lovers are the custodians of an old and valuable tradition. Afternoon tea is a quaint ritual and a gift of exotic tea or funky brewing equipment can elevate the experience to a delicious luxury. Christmas gifts for tea lovers range from the practical to the whimsical, and are sure to bring a smile to any devoted tea drinker’s face.

Practical tea gifts

There’s a fairly standard range of gifts that are always welcome in tea lovers’ homes – storage jars, straining equipment and pretty tea pots have always been favourites. However there’s also a modern range of tea brewing equipment including dedicated electric tea kettles. These are economical to use, boiling only the exact amount of water needed and are quick and convenient.

For those who prefer to brew in pots, there are funky tea pots for modern, cutting edge design enthusiasts or flowery, bohemian types, available as tea gifts for all budgets. On the other hand, French presses are more commonly used to make coffee but are just as suitable for brewing tea leaves and can make a glamorous alternative to a tea pot.

Flavoured teas often come in pretty tins, which can be reused once the tea is finished and a pretty tea set with delicate cups, matching saucers, elegant spoons plus milk jug, sugar bowl and a set of cake plates can turn an everyday cuppa into a ceremonial experience.

Some gifts can be both practical and whimsical. A chicken shaped tea cosy is trendily retro and ironic, while performing a very practical purpose. Update the traditional flask for those on the go for a modern variety with a built in tea infuser.

Whimsical tea gifts

Armchair tourists will enjoy a global tea trip with a sampler of different international teas. Go for exotic varieties such a Japanese genmaicha, Tibetan The des Moines, Chinese Grand Yunnan Imperial or Argentine Flor de Oro. Indian chai varieties are spicy and warming on chilly mornings, making ideal Christmas gifts for tea lovers. Alternatively you could go for something cheekier, such as a set of novelty Prince William and Kate teabags.

Tea infusers are a fairly humble piece of equipment, but there are creative varieties available in funky shapes and designs – try a Death Star tea infuser for a Star Wars fan.

Meanwhile academic types will enjoy exploring the science and history of their favourite beverage with a tea themed book.

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