Tea and Coffee Storage Jars

tea and coffee storage jars

Proper storage is essential to maintain the flavour and quality of your tea and coffee. Tea and coffee jars are more than cosmetic, they help to keep your ingredients isolated from the elements that can cause degradation: light, moisture, heat, air and odours.

Airtight tea and coffee storage jars

Those quaint, traditional tea tins that have become trendy in retro styled decor aren’t just a fashion statement – tea is stored that way for a reason. Light is an enemy of your tea and coffee. Avoid vendors selling their wares from clear glass or plastic containers and don’t use these yourself unless they will in turn be stored in a dark cupboard. Heat is nearly as bad – don’t store your tea and coffee storage jars near ovens or other heat sources such as lighting.

Moisture is also problematic for dried products such as these. Tea that absorbs water from the air will have a much shorter shelf life, so avoid any moisture until you brew. This means storage away from humid zones around the dishwasher or fridge. Some Japanese green teas are stored in the fridge, but only in airtight containers and are designed to be consumed within a short period after opening.

Teas and coffees absorb other odours rather easily, so avoid storage with spices or other strongly scented foods. Wood can make for attractive storage but bear in mind that certain wood can taint tea or coffee with its own odour.

In effect, the best tea and coffee storage jars are airtight and opaque, to keep your ingredients fresh and untainted by any moisture, odours or other elements that could cause degradation.

Buying tea and coffee storage jars

Unless you’re buying from a specialist vendor, you’ll often find your tea or coffee sold in plastic bags. These are not suitable for long term storage as they don’t offer protection from air and moisture. Decant your ingredients into some dedicated tea and coffee jars. Only open the original packaging when you are ready to use the contents.

Tea, coffee and sugar jars often come in sets, which can be a useful option for kitchens where the three are used regularly. They are not only practical, with airtight lids for correct storage, but can look attractive on a worktop.

Wares of Knutsford has a wide range of suitable tea and coffee storage options to help maintain the condition of your beverages.

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