Tagines for Sale

tagines for sale

During a recent trip to Marrakesh, I saw plenty of beautiful Moroccan tagines for sale which prompted me to review the great range available at Wares of Knutsford.

How to use Moroccan tagines

A tagine is a fragrant casserole from Morocco, named after the clay or ceramic dish in which it is cooked. The flat, circular, low sided base comes with a conical lid. The slow cooking method produces bold flavours, bringing an aromatic softness to spices and tenderness to meat and vegetables cooked in it. The beauty of the tagine is also its ability to serve as both cook and serveware. The pot keeps its contents warm once removed from the heat without drying them out.

Only low to medium heats are used and the contents of the dish are not stirred or interfered with once loaded up, so try to present them attractively with a view to serving later on. Most recipes require only a little water, because the cone shape at the top of the dish collects the rising steam and returns it to the ingredients, keeping them gently moist. For the same reason, try not to lift the lid of the tagine too frequently during cooking, as you will lose that important moisture. Just keep the heat low and trust that the slow cooking and clay pot will do their job.

Tagines are great for cooking meat to a really tender finish – beef, lamb, chicken and pork are all delicious combined with vegetables, pulses, fragrant spices and quite often fruit such as prunes or apricots. Serve with some light, fluffy cous cous.

There are lots of tagine recipes to be found online which provide a great starting point, but the best results are to be found from diving in and experimenting with your own recipes!

Wares of Knutsford’s range of tagines for sale

Wares of Knutsford offers tagines for sale in a range of sizes and styles. Small, 13cm pots are ideal to create individual portions and make for gorgeous place settings. Full size versions by Mason Cash come in terracotta or ceramic glazes in a range of different colours – black, blue, purple, red and white. This range also includes two glazed ceramic models featuring Moroccan style patterns – a red model and a blue and yellow model.

The Molten range by Kitchen Craft includes red and black tagines plus white and pale blue glazed terracotta models. These tagines are dishwasher and oven safe and come with a one year guarantee.

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