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Wholesale Marmalade Jars

wholesale marmalade jars

We continue our marmalade odyssey this month by reminding you that we also sell wholesale marmalade jars. If you are making marmalade on a grand scale, either because you have a large family who absolutely love to eat marmalade; because you are making marmalade for an event such as for wedding or party favours; or indeed if you are running a small business selling home-made preserves, check out our wholesale conditions.

Wholesale marmalade jars purchase conditions

Our wholesale conditions are designed to help small businesses but are available to anyone who completes the minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. Wholesale orders are for pallet-sized quantities but can be made up of a mixture of any of our products in box quantities, which makes packaging and delivery easier. Shipping prices are quoted by the pallet and will be calculated on an individual order basis.

Our wholesale prices offer a significant discount on the usual price and are available by contacting our helpful and friendly team on info@waresofknutsford.co.uk or by calling 01477 537224. Payment must be completed before orders are dispatched and delivery usually takes place within seven days.

Wholesale marmalade jars versus bulk buy bargain packs

At our prices a £450 order is a lot of jars! If you are looking to make marmalade or other preserves on a large scale but don’t need pallets of jars, we offer bargain packs at a very attractive price. Each pack contains 192 jars plus lids and offers a genuine saving on the individual jar prices. All of our most popular jars are available to bulk buy, with the range including basic jars and more decorative and unusual options.

We are also happy to create custom mixed bargain packs for customers with specific requirements. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to talk through your jar needs and perhaps get a few helpful ideas from our experienced and knowledgeable team! To keep costs low, bargain packs are available at our usual flat rate of postage.

Remember that a number of our jars and bottles are available in packs of 35 and even 48 units in some cases, so there are still quantity discounts to be had on smaller orders. The policy at Wares of Knutsford is that the more you buy, the cheaper it gets. This is particularly so because orders are subject to a flat rate of postage so you don’t have to worry about mounting delivery costs as your basket gets heavier. We find that this makes us happy marmalade jar suppliers and makes you happy customers.

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