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Buy Glass Jars Wholesale

wholesale jars and bottles

Wares of Knutsford sells in both small and large quantities. Whether you simply need a few bottles or jars for a home cooking endeavour or you are looking to buy on a larger scale, we can accommodate you.

Wholesale jars and bottles terms

We are pleased to sell our glass jars wholesale for those interested in large quantities. To qualify as a wholesale order there is a minimum value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery charges. Orders of this size will be delivered on a pallet and can be made up of a mixture of our glass jar and bottle products in box quantities. Please do not hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for more information on buying glass jars wholesale. They will be pleased to advise you on quantities and special wholesale prices.

Wholesale customers will be issued with a pro-forma invoice according to their order, after which payment is required. Orders can then be dispatched and usually arrive within seven days.

Our range of wholesale jars and bottles

Wares of Knutsford customers will have already noticed that products are available in various quantities, from singly to larger boxes. We are particularly proud of our bulk buy bargain packs, which are so useful for buying wholesale jars and bottles for commercial enterprises. Our basic jam and food jars can be bought in packs of 192, as can some fancier options – square, hexagonal or octagonal jars, honey or chutney jars, Bonne Maman style and verrine jars, spice and globe jars plus miniature bottles and cosmetics jars.

However it’s worth taking some time to scour the website because there is a huge number of styles of bottle and jar available. You may find something more specialist in design that will better suit your needs. Don’t forget we can also supply spare lids, labels, wax or metal discs and sealing rings.

There are new items added to the website regularly and a wide variety of other kitchen items available including enamelware, cooking and baking equipment, various kitchen tools and gadgets and the whole spectrum of preserving equipment. It’s not all about the cooking either, with plenty of equipment for crafts, aromatherapy and cosmetics, wedding favours and home brewing.

If you are not buying wholesale, remember you can still benefit from economies of scale – our products get cheaper the more you buy and our delivery charge is a set rate whether you are buying one jar or lots.

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