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Jam Jar Vases for Wedding

wedding jam jars

They may have been designed to house preserves, pickles and other foods, but the humble glass jar has become one of the most versatile objects in any household, with a multitude of uses both practical and decorative. No longer just used for kitchen storage, jam jar vases make a popular centrepiece at weddings and other events.

The Wares of Knutsford selection started with the basic jam jar, now available in a range of sizes and with lids in a choice of seven colours, and has grown to include miniature versions,, sweet shop jars, clip tops, spice jars and versions suitable for aromatherapy and cosmetic use in clear or amber glass. Brands include Kilner, Mason, Leifheit and Le Parfait, while you can also buy spare lids and choose from a wide range of decorative labels.

Flowers in wedding jam jars

It’s the pureness and simplicity of jam jar vases that have seen them become so popular at weddings. Brides and grooms are opting for lower key, more intimate celebrations that focus on the marriage rather than the wedding, eschewing excess and showy affairs. The Wares of Knutsford jars range offers a number of options ideal for honest and pretty table decorations.

Fitting the modern theme of these weddings, jam jar vases are filled with posies of wild flowers rather than mounds of hothouse blooms as table centrepieces. You can go for one basic flower variety but find it in various colourways or choose 6-8 different kinds of flowers in a toning colour story. Make sure the heights of the blooms vary for a more casual look. Build a base with three main types of flower and add in odd accent flowers. Hold the shape of the arrangement with a bit of tape around the stems, which you can them trim to the same length. Dipped in wedding jam jars half filled with water, there’s nothing prettier or easier to achieve.

Accessorise with other wedding jam jars

Stick with the theme of simplicity by offering wedding favours in miniature jars – think colourful selections of sweets such as jelly beans or sherbet pips. If you have the time (and the budget!) you could personalise the jars by filling them with little gifts for individual recipients. Present female guests with a miniature glass jar housing trinkets such as jewellery, children can have little jars of marbles or beads and male guests could be given miniature car models.

Just use your imagination for a really special and personal wedding celebration.

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