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Ideas for Summer Wedding Favours

wedding favours

We’re a romantic bunch here at Wares of Knutsford, so we absolutely love summer wedding season. We have even created a special department in our online shop to help brides and grooms come up with wedding favour ideas!

Make your own wedding favours

There are multiple advantages to making your own wedding favours, including keeping the costs down and creating some really personal and original wedding favour ideas. We love to know what you’re all doing with our products and were delighted to realise that lots of our customers were using our small bottle and jars to make wedding favours, so we put all of the best options together in one section of the website.

Favours are one of the most challenging parts of the wedding planning process. They need to fit the colour scheme and theme of the wedding, fit neatly and decoratively onto tables, and ideally to be something your guests would actually be pleased to receive! There are lots of wedding favour ideas online if you’re drawing a blank, but our staff are also happy to talk through some ideas with you, so don’t hesitate to contact us on 0845 6121273.

Ideas for wedding favours

If you have a particular skill it would be great to employ it in making your favours. For example, talented cooks could make some jam or chutney for guests to take home in a creative flavour which matches the them of the event. Home brewers could give out little bottles of wine, whisky or other tipple. If you like to make your own cosmetics you could provide every guests with a little jar of relaxing bath salts or body lotion. You can also make cute little jars for child guests, full of marbles, beads, lego pieces or other small toys.

However you fill the jars, make sure you also pay attention to labelling. You need to identify the contents and provide any usage instructions, but you also need to make note of your special day, maybe with a photo label or by printing your names, the date and the location. If you are extremely organised, you could even make sure each favour is personalised to each guest.

As time consuming as this sounds, it is at least economical and far more individual than buying in pre-made favours, which can also be lacking in soul. Your special day should reflect your lives and personalities, and wedding favours are just one of the small details that add up to make your perfect big day.

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Wedding Fayres for Wedding Favours

wedding favours

If you’re planning a wedding right now you’re probably trying your best to create an event that is unique to you and your other half. You may have spent months browsing the bridal magazines and attending every wedding fayre within a 50-mile radius but it can still be hard to get your hands on the elements that will truly say ‘us’ on your big day.

This is one of the reasons why more and more people are opting to create their own wedding features these days. From table centre-pieces to chair decorations, it seems that DIY has been given a new lease of life when it comes to wedding planning. Wedding favours, in particular, are regularly ‘home-made’ allowing the bride and groom to put their own stamp on the gifts they offer and ensure that they are perfectly suited to the people who will receive them.

Wedding favours inspiration

Wedding favours don’t have to be complex, they just have to say something about you and your guests. They should be small enough to not take up too much space on the table but big on personality in order to delight or amuse. To help you out, Wares of Knutsford has a beautiful selection of jars and bottle just waiting for you, or your friends and family, to fill. These have all been hand-picked for their elegance and practicality, leaving you free to spend more of your time deciding on what the contents should be.

Ideas for DIY wedding favours

The contents of your chosen bottles or jars are only limited by your imagination – and budget, of course. Your wedding favour ideas should be based on the type of wedding you’re planning and the type of guests who will be there. If it’s a fun and funky theme, the young and young-at-heart with be thrilled with a jar filled with retro sweets, whilst bottles filled with a heady cocktail are perfect for a more grown-up affair. For sheer sophistication, you could offer your guests a single flower in a beautiful bottle or a sparkling gem within a stunning jar. If you’re planning a small gathering, how about creating your very own message in a bottle for each of the guests who attend? You don’t have to say much but what you do say is sure to be appreciated and demonstrate a level of thought and feeling that no mass-produced favour could ever hope to copy.

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Unique Wedding Favour Ideas

wedding favour ideas

Giving wedding guests special favours to mark the occasion of your marriage is a long-standing tradition that is still incredibly popular today. Five sugared almonds to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and long life have long been the norm but today’s brides and grooms are indulging their creative sides by packaging favours that have special significance to them. Large custom packs of interesting glass bottles and jars make fantastic containers for a whole host of unique wedding favour ideas. Add pretty decorative ribbons and a name tag so your favours can double up as place cards.

Edible wedding favour ideas

Wedding favours featuring food and drink are always popular and make a lovely treat for your guests. Sweets are always fun and there are plenty of different types to choose from. Classic childhood sweets are perfect for a retro style wedding and look great displayed in traditional clip-down lidded jam jars. For a more contemporary feel, choose jelly beans or sherbet to match the colour scheme of your wedding in a corked Gladstone laboratory-style bottle. If your area or wedding venue is renowned for a particular foodstuff, this can be a great wedding favour. Local chutneys work brilliantly in small hexagonal glass jars whilst unusual small glass bottles are the perfect vehicle for the region’s alcoholic speciality. You could even produce special labels with details of the wedding to give your favours a bespoke touch. Purchasing custom bulk packs that can be tailored to your individual needs ensures you get the perfect jar to display your wedding favours.

Quirky wedding favour ideas

If you would prefer ideas for wedding favours with a longer shelf-life then there is an array of beautiful options to choose from. Nature lovers could opt to give seeds from their favourite flowers, or even miniature plants grown in attractive glass jars. Tall bottles are the perfect way to present slim candles that complement your colour scheme or even a handful of fun glow sticks. Kids will love small ink bottles of magic dust, complete with miniature fairy wands. Alternatively you could commission a special scent for your guests to remember your day by. Custom bulk packs of jars are not only great value but allow you to choose a range of different jars for a more interesting table display.

There is a huge variety of great wedding favour ideas to choose from to make your day special and personal to you. Giving a small commemorative gift in an attractive glass presentation jar is a brilliant keepsake for your guests.

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Mini Sweet Jars for Wedding Favours

wedding favours

Wares of Knutsford has launched a new shopping section for wedding favours, featuring mini sweet jars, bottles and pots. These days wedding favours are expected to feature a personal touch, which often involves the bride and groom coming up with their own ideas. These may involve handmade items or simply feature objects of interest relevant to the couple and the occasion.

Adult wedding favours in mini jars

A simple option involves filling miniature bottles with a liqueur – it’s colourful and delicious, but won’t be suitable for all guests. However few people are determined to turn down home made sweets in small quantities. Just decorate your jars prettily with labels and ribbons that fit in with the occasion and colour scheme.

Chocolate truffles

Quantities make 50:

  • 280g dark chocolate, chopped (go for good quality, 70% cocoa solids varieties)
  • 284ml double cream
  • 50g butter

Heat the cream and butter together very gently, stirring regularly, in a saucepan until melted and simmering. Pour into a large bowl with the chocolate and stir until it has all melted together into a smooth mixture.

At this stage you can add flavourings of your choice, separating the mixture into different bowls for the different flavours. Add a teaspoon at a time of Grand Marnier, orange zest and juice, coconut rum or a few drops of peppermint essence, for example. You can also leave the mixture plain. Leave to cool in the refrigerator for about four hours.

Use a melon baller to shape the truffles, finishing off with your hands (coated in oil to avoid sticking). The shaped truffle balls should be dipped in bowls of toppings of your choice to decorate – consider crushed nuts, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder or edible gold leaf. Alternatively, dip into or pipe over melted white and dark chocolate. Can be made up to a month in advance and stored in the refrigerator.

Wedding favours for children in mini jars

Unless you’re having an ultra civilised celebration with children excluded, you’ll need to think of an appropriate wedding favours selection for your junior guests. These are most easily contained within mini sweet jars, which will help the kids to keep their prize together both during the wedding and at home. Fortunately children are easy to please with gifts, so mini jars filled with a selection of sweets or small toys such as beads, plastic jewellery, colourful stickers, pens and pencils, jigsaw pieces or marbles should keep them occupied while the adults are enjoying a more sophisticated party.

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Wedding Favour Jars

wedding favours

Wedding Favours are given to guests by the bride and groom as a memento of their special day. The ever competitive wedding industry means event organisers have had to come up with ever more creative and original ideas for wedding favours. However, sometimes the simple ideas are the best, so keep your wedding elegant and intimate with a selection of favours with the personal touch. A selection of pretty jars and bottles can be filled with homemade drinks, sweets, jewellery or various other items and can be adapted to the interests of your various guests.

Homemade wedding favours

Busy brides may find themselves too short of time to knock up delicious homemade treats when there’s a wedding to organise, but sloe gin is quaintly old fashioned and works best when made well in advance. Its warming flavour suits a winter wedding best.

  • 450g sloes
  • 225g caster sugar
  • 1 litre of gin

Prick each sloe with a clean needle a couple of times and place the lot in a large, sealable container. Add the sugar and pour over the gin. Seal the container and shake well to mix the contents. Keep in a cool, dark place and shake every couple of days for the first week, then once a week for another two months. Decant the gin through a muslin cloth into pretty glass jars decorated with a label to mark the event.

In summer, elderflower cordial has a similar rustic, traditional reputation as sloe gin.

  • 20 elderflower heads, shaken to remove insects
  • 1.8kg caster sugar
  • 1.2 litres of water
  • 2 lemons, unwaxed
  • 75g citric acid

Make a sugar syrup by gently heating the sugar and water together until the sugar is fully dissolved. Zest and slice the lemons and add to a bowl with the elderflowers. Add the boiling sugar syrup to the bowl, add the citric acid and stir well. Cover the top with a cloth and set aside for 24 hours at room temperature. Strain the cordial through a muslin cloth and decant, again, into pretty, labelled bottles.

Wedding favours for kids

Sweets treats always go down well with children, but if you are clever you’ll avoid the sugar rush and keep the little darlings occupied while the adults have some fun by filling your jars with a selection of toys as their wedding favours. Marbles, lego, beads, small coloured pencils, stickers or trading cards work well placed in jars. First of all the children can collect their goodies up to take home at the end of an event and second everyone can see what they have and arrange trades as it suits them.

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Small Bottles as Wedding Favours

wedding favours

Favours are given to guests by the bride and groom to mark their wedding day. The small gifts are usually inexpensive but have some personal or sentimental significance.

Bottled wedding favours

Miniature bottles of alcoholic drinks such as wine, whisky, gin or vodka have become popular wedding favours but there are far more personal options than this. Buy enough bottles to cover the amount of favours you need and then decant your own, home-made liqueurs, wines or spirits into them. Of course you will need to design and apply some personalised labels. One advantage of this format is that it allows you to offer a non-alcoholic variety of drink for younger guests or tee-totallers. Oil and vinegar sets are also useful items that make attractive gifts.

One idea for cheap wedding favours that also works as a cute alternative to confetti is to give guests small bottles of bubble blowers. They are great for showering the bride and groom and will keep children entertained for hours while the adults enjoy a more grown-up party.

Alternative cheap wedding favours are made by messages in small glass bottles. These make a longer lasting keepsake than the previous, consumable options.

Foodie wedding favours

Consumables make very popular gifts as they feel so personal. Home-made cakes, sweets, popcorn or jams in small glass jars with personalised labels will be appreciated by all guests. Biscuits can be decorated with the name of the happy couple, the date of the occasion or, if you want to go really personal, are super organised and have plenty of time, individually named for each guest. These things are also economical – home-made toffee apples, beautifully packaged, are a classic treat that looks attractive without costing a fortune. Foodies could give flavoured salts or sugars if time is too short for making individual cakes or biscuits.

Keep it personal

When choosing favours consider also the theme of the wedding and the personalities of the couple involved. Creative, crafty types may want to make things like home-made candles, soaps or lip balms. Gardeners or outdoorsy types could offer little bags of flower or herb seeds, seedlings or tiny buckets of miniature succulents.

Ultimately the key is personalisation. Whether you are buying or making the favours, make sure you create your own labels that note the details of the special day. Your guests will be far more appreciative of something small but personal than something flash and expensive.

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