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Kilner jars

Kilner jars

At Wares of Knutsford we have dedicated a whole department to the Kilner jar. This classic piece of preserving equipment is still available in its original form and also in a number of modern variations on the theme.

The history of Kilner jars

The traditional Kilner jar was invented towards the end of the 19th century; however, John Kilner started producing glass jars and bottles in Thornhill Lees in Dewsbury in the 1840s. Upon his death in 1857, the business passed to his sons and continued to go from strength to strength, including winning industry awards. In the 1860s a second Kilner factory was opened in Conisborough, Don Valley and became a huge local employer. The awards kept coming; however, the pressure of increased competition hit the firm hard in the early 1920s.

In 1937 the Kilner family was forced to close the business, having sold the trademark and patent for its original Kilner glass jar design to the United Glass Bottle Company. In 2000 the Rayware Group bought the rights to the patent and trademark for the original Kilner jar and continues to manufacture under the Kilner brand name. A number of modern products have been introduced, still inspired by the original product, and these have helped to expand the Kilner brand.

Kilner jars at Wares of Knutsford

The Kilner clip top clear glass preserving jar is available at Wares of Knutsford in a number of sizes: 70ml, 125ml, 350ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres, 2 litres and 3 litres. Square and faceted versions of the same style are also available in various sizes, sold singly or in great value packs.

Screw top Kilner jars for preserving, which use the metal sealing disc and screw band method, are also available in 250ml, 500ml and 1-litre sizes, along with spare metal discs and screw bands.

A number of speciality products have been introduced in the Kilner style and have been proving very popular, such as clip top jars in coloured glass. These are available in blue, green and pink and in 500ml and 1-litre sizes. You can also buy handled drinking jars in clear or coloured glass.

Kilner swing top bottles can be bought in a variety of designs in clear and coloured glass in 250ml and 1 litre sizes; for sloe gin with a 275ml capacity; in a square shape; and in an 850ml ribbed design. You can also buy a 70ml miniature clip top bottle and a 200ml handled version.

Finally, a new product we love this season is the Kilner milk bottle, which comes in 189ml and 568ml sizes.

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Gardening tips for May

may gardening

May gardening is a joyous experience, as everything is surging with life and signs of summer abound. You can now do some sowing and planting out, depending upon the weather conditions, and you can complete some propagation in the form of softwood cuttings. The lawn will also require some attention as you start a regime to get it back into shape for summer.

May gardening jobs

You should already have most of your potatoes in the ground and it is now time for a bit of earthing up. If you have any left unplanted, it is time to get them in the ground. Weeds will need to be hoed out regularly if you want to prevent them taking hold.

Open the vents and doors of your greenhouse to allow the air to circulate and start hardening off your seedlings ready to plant out once the weather allows. Dahlias and canna lilies can go in the ground once any risk of frost has passed and you can sow winter bedding ready for a colourful display later in the year. Climbing plants will need regular training and tying in.

Give the lawn a first mow and treat it to some fertiliser, reseeding bare patches if necessary. You can now begin a fortnightly or weekly mowing schedule to keep your grass in good shape over the summer. The hedges could probably do with clipping, but look out for nesting birds first and try to avoid disturbing them.

Tender shrubs can be pruned after the danger of frost has passed and spring flowering shrubs should be pruned after flowering. You can still get away with pruning evergreens in May and should cut out any frost-damaged areas. Spring flowering bulbs will be fading by now and it is time to lift and divide clumps to avoid overcrowding. Hostas can be divided as they grow.

While you are going about your tasks, keep an eye out for lily beetle grubs and viburnum beetle and treat any accordingly.

May gardening and the weather

The sun may be out but there is still a danger of frost – and there was even snow at the end of April! This means tender plants will still need some protection. Summer bedding plants can go out in May but it is usually wise to wait until the end of the month, particularly if you live in a colder area.

Take some time while gardening in May to consider how you can collect rainwater and look at ways in which you can recycle any other water to use for irrigation.

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Rustic tea light holder

rustic tea light holder

At Wares of Knutsford we continue to introduce new products and one of our favourite recent additions to our online shop is this pretty glass tea light holder.

Vintage style rustic tea light holder

The vintage trend shows no sign of abating and this candle holder is a really easy way to achieve the look. The holder is made of high-quality clear glass in a ribbed effect with a hessian string to hang it from and a decorative gold-coloured metal leaf. The glass candle holder is 75mm wide by 90mm tall and is sold singly.

These candle holders work well individually or in groups; however, we think they create the most impact when used in a line. With Wares of Knutsford’s flat delivery charge, you can put as many as you like into your basket without worrying about being hit by a huge postage cost when you reach the checkout.

Using the rustic tea light holder for weddings

At Wares of Knutsford we can think of lots of ways in which we want to use this rustic tea light holder; for example, with summer coming, we can imagine clusters of twinkling tea lights creating romantic corners in the garden. If you use citronella candles, you should escape the attention of bugs and mosquitos. You can sit the glass on a flat surface or use the string to hang it from hooks, tree branches and fences.

We are also excited by the idea of using this vintage style candle holder at weddings. This is a great way to get that rustic, laid-back style that is currently so popular for weddings. You can use the candle holders for simple table centrepieces or to create gentle mood lighting around the venue. Line them up to light a pathway, or give them away as wedding favours. The clear glass, brown hessian and gold coloured leaf blend with any colour scheme, while the simple style will work with vintage, rustic or hippie-style weddings.

Candle light is so much softer and more flattering than harsh bulbs and your guests are sure to appreciate the gentle glow that tea lights emit. You can also add an extra dimension to your wedding theme by using scented and coloured tea lights in the holders, such as rose-scented candles for a rustic wedding. If you are planning a winter wedding, keep these in mind to use with warm, seasonal scented candles – a spicy cinnamon and clove scent evokes a really cosy feel.

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Tea light holders for weddings

wedding tea light holder

There are some standard features when planning a wedding celebration that most brides agree add the right amount of romance and style to the occasion. Flowers are a given, chair sashes are also popular, photo booths and sweet stands are current favourites, and candles can make even the most prosaic town hall look like a romantic venue. At Wares of Knutsford we have a great selection of tea light holders for weddings.

Vintage style wedding tea light holder

New to our wedding department this season is this pretty range of wedding tea light holder. Made of clear glass with an octagonal base and an embossed vintage-style floral garland pattern around the rim, the candle holder is sold singly and is just the right size for a standard tea light.

The simple but effective design makes this candle holder suitable for use in a number of ways; for example, it is smart enough to use in table settings, to be given as a wedding favour gift or to be placed around the celebration venue. The clear glass allows the gentle, flickering light of a candle to glimmer romantically in the background, while the open top means scented tea lights can help the venue to both smell and look beautiful.

The dimensions of the candle holder are 85mm tall, 50mm across the base and 80mm across the top.

Using a wedding tea light holder around the venue

Tea light holders can be used to create visual impact either singly or in groups; however, we think they look most charming when lined up in a row, perhaps down the length of long tables or along a path or a wall to lead the way as daylight fades.

While we think these are perfect tea light holders for weddings, they can just as easily be used to create atmosphere at any party or event or even around the house. Candlelight gives off the most flattering glow and scented tea lights can be used to make your home smell delicious or to keep insects away when used outside. They can be a really useful home accessory.

As always when using candles, remember to be safe. Use tea light holders in a clear area where they will not be overhung by flammable material, keep naked flames out of reach of children, and make sure all candles are extinguished before leaving the venue.

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Gift tags for jars

gift tags for jars

As a result of customer demand, we have been expanding our packaging department. This now includes a huge variety of bags, boxes, tags, labels and ribbons, and our latest addition is a cute set of jar-shaped gift tags.

New folksy gift tags for jars

This set of 24 gift tags is in a classic jar-shaped design featuring some beautiful detailing. The labels come with raffia ties with which to affix them to jars and describe their contents. The pack of jar-shaped gift tags comprises 12 with a white background and 12 with a blue background, with both designs featuring a blackboard-style patch with scalloped edges and spaces to write ‘to’ and ‘from’. The labels are a great way to present jams, pickles, chutneys and any other kind of preserves as gifts.

Gift tags for jars at Wares of Knutsford

Our packaging department is growing fast and now includes a fantastic range of gift tags for jars in addition to bags, boxes, ribbons and labels. Gift tags can be a really pretty way to decorate jars and bottles. A label is an essential; however, it can get a bit crowded by the time you have named the contents and information such as the use-by date, ingredients and storage instructions. Adding a gift tag allows you to add a personal message and turns a plain jar or bottle into a pretty gift and, of course, the tags can also be used on any other kind of gift.

The gift tags range now includes varieties in floral, tartan, graphic and plain patterns and in a number of shapes, including the traditional rectangular shape and owl, bird, rabbit, butterfly, dog, flower and heart shapes. We are also very pleased with a cute new range of biscuit-shaped gift tags. These are designed to look like some of your favourite biscuits, including Jammie Dodgers.

For something really special, there is also a white painted wooden ‘with love’ tag. This is decorated with a grey heart and spaces to write ‘to’ and ‘from’. It is something of a keepsake and shows how much thought you have put into the gift.

We also sell a 122-piece gift tag and label set, which is great for organised types and means you will always have packaging to hand when unexpected birthdays or occasions come up. The set includes a variety of different label and tag designs plus string and red ribbon with which to attach them.

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Wedding sweet table jars

sweet table jars

The fashion for weddings in recent years is to be more relaxed and less formal, such as buffets or barbecues rather than sit-down meals and entertainment for all in the form of photo booths, games and sweet shop tables. Wedding favours are often homemade and personalised, table settings include wild flowers rather than hothouse bouquets, and children are welcome.

At Wares of Knutsford we find many of our bottles and jars are bought by brides for their favours and table settings. We have also noticed that sweet table jars are becoming best sellers, not only for weddings but also for other events.

Using sweet table jars

The idea is to create an old-fashioned sweet shop feel and let people help themselves. Buy a selection of traditional penny sweets, chews and boiled sweets, for example, and provide scoops and bags or small cups. The sweet stand is just as popular with adult guests as it is with children. You can choose sweets to match a colour theme, such as a jar of pink and white marshmallows, pink bonbons, a jar of pink and white milkshake bottles, pink and white sherbet pips, pink and white jelly beans and a plate of coconut ice. Alternatively, you can mix it up with a variety of colours. This is one of the great things about a sweet table at a wedding – the sweets are not only delicious but also there is such a variety of colours and shapes that you can use them to help create a theme or colour scheme.

Sweet table jars at Wares of Knutsford

We have a huge range of jars for sweet tables in both modern and traditional styles. There are modern, globe-shaped clear glass sweet jars that can be displayed flat or on a diagonal in sizes including 130ml, 180ml, 192ml, 395ml, 870ml and two litres, with a choice of lid colours. The same style jars can also be bought in plastic, which could be safer if things might get a little raucous!

We also have a great range of vintage style sweet jars in clear glass with knobstopper-style lids, which are also available in a range of sizes. These are the jars you used to see in old-fashioned sweet shops, with the sweets sold in white paper bags by the quarter pound, and they are a great way to emphasise a traditional theme. Again, you can buy this same style in plastic if this seems more appropriate.

The great thing about jars for sweet tables is that you can use them as practical kitchen storage after the event!

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The Most Popular Bottle for Wedding Favours

wedding favour bottles

At this time of year our wedding favours department gets a lot of traffic. For this season we have added some fantastic new products, which means you will find not only wedding favour bottles and jars but also small bags and boxes along with tags and ribbons to use for decoration.

Our most popular wedding favour bottles

The vintage-looking Gladstone bottle is the most popular of all our bottles for wedding favours. It is a really cute bottle and cork set in a vintage shape, with the 50ml size ideal for individual servings of home-made spirits, liqueurs or cordials, flavoured oils or vinegars, body lotion, bubble bath or bath salts – the list goes on. Tie a pretty ribbon around the neck and add a personalised tag or label for your guests. These bottles are also a great style for essential oils and aromatherapy products. Artisan sellers buy a lot of these bottles, as do cafes and restaurants.

The bottles have a 40mm base diameter, are 72mm tall and have a 12mm-diameter neck. They are sold in packs of 12, 24 and 36 and are also available in a bulk buy bargain pack of 130 bottles with corks. The more you buy, the cheaper they get, and our bargain packs are a great deal. Also remember that deliveries from Wares of Knutsford are subject to a flat postage rate, no matter how much you order.

Wedding favour bottles range

If the Gladstone bottles are not quite what you are looking for, there are plenty of other options in our wedding favours department. The 50ml miniature whisky and wine bottles are smart, modern choices with black twist-off caps and come in packs of 12, 24, 36 and 192 and 12, 24, 36 and 130 packs respectively. These bottles also fit into our new bottle boxes for attractive presentation if you want your favours to look really special.

If you are going for something larger, the Nocturne bottle is an elegant choice with its long neck and tapered cork stopper. It is sold singly or in packs of six, 12 and 18. The traditional-style 120ml vintage glass oil bottle, which would work well for a wedding with a rustic setting and laid-back theme, is available in packs of six, 12 and 18.

These are just some of our suggestions for wedding favour bottles, with lots more to choose from on our website.

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New owl drinking jar

owl glasses

Our drinking jars have proved incredibly popular and we are very pleased to introduce a new variation on the theme in the form of owl-shaped drinking jars.

Owl glasses at Wares of Knutsford

The jars come in clear glass with an embossed owl design and a silver-coloured screw top lid with a hole in the centre and a stiff plastic straw; alternatively, you can use any other straw or buy matching replacement straws from Wares of Knutsford. The owl glasses have a 400ml capacity and are sold singly or in packs of three or six. We expect these jars to be very popular with children; however, they will also look great at any event and especially for summer evening garden parties. We are confident that they are going to be a great addition to our existing range of drinking jars.

As usual at Wares of Knutsford, a flat delivery charge applies no matter what the size of your order.

Recipes for owl glasses

These colourful, alcohol-free cocktails are fun thirst quenchers suitable for children, designated drivers, pregnant women or anyone else looking for a delicious, non-alcoholic treat. Use a shot glass as a measure, a cocktail shaker to mix, and pour the cocktails into the owl glasses over ice.

The Twit-Twoo

Six shots of pineapple juice, one shot of grapefruit juice and two tablespoons of coconut milk, shaken together thoroughly.

Summer Smoothie

Put seven frozen strawberries, a lemon yoghurt and 125ml orange juice into a blender and whizz until smooth. Serve with lots of ice.

The Cinderella

Mix two shots each of pineapple juice, lemon juice and orange juice in a shaker, then pour into the owl jars over ice. Top up with sparkling water and add a splash of grenadine for extra colour.

Fruit Explosion

Blend one apple with three carrots and one mango until smooth, then add six strawberries and the juice of seven freshly-squeezed oranges. Sieve before serving with plenty of ice.

Kiwi Cooler

Peel and slice two kiwis and add to a blender with two tablespoons of coconut cream and three cups of crushed ice. Whizz until smooth and serve ice cold.

The Sunrise

Blend ten shots of pineapple juice with three pineapple chunks, half a teaspoon of sugar, a teaspoon of honey and a cup of water. Serve over plenty of ice.

Pink Lemonade

Blend ten strawberries with a shot of freshly-squeezed lemon juice, a teaspoon of sugar and a cup of water. Serve with plenty of ice.

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Wedding Favour Box Supplier

wedding favour boxes

Our jars and bottles have long been a popular way of presenting wedding and party favours; now, due to customer demand, we are also offering a new range of boxes to hold wedding favours.

Wedding favour boxes at Wares of Knutsford

We have planned our range of wedding favour boxes carefully to help our customers find something suitable for all sorts of wedding themes and favour ideas. There are square and hexagonal boxes, special bottle boxes, and a wedding favour bag in a pink and white spotted design. All come in packs of 10.

The gold, silver, white, pink and brown corrugated wedding favour boxes hold 30ml and 41ml jam jars perfectly. The boxes can be tied with ribbon or string to decorate and are often used by artisan sellers and to present crafts. Each box measures 5cm x 5cm x 5cm.

Hexagonal gift boxes measure 6cm x 12cm and come in ivory satin and pink or white silk finishes. They are a perfect fit for our 50ml whisky or Gladstone bottles, the 41ml jam jar, and any other small items.

Wedding favour boxes for bottles

Our clear PVC bottle boxes come in miniature size, for 20ml spirit bottles, or small, which hold many of our small bottles such as the 50ml miniature wine, miniature whisky and Gladstone bottles. They make a pretty gift out of small bottles, which might be filled with liqueurs, cordials or cosmetic products. They can easily be decorated by tying a ribbon or bow around the neck.

Packaging and wedding favour box supplier

In addition to the boxes, our wedding favour department includes various other packaging items that can be used to prettify your favour ideas. These include pink and white spotted favour bags in packs of 10; small linen pouches; a variety of ribbons, tags and labels; and all the small bottles and jars you might need.

Wedding favours not only offer guests a memento of a lovely day but are also often used as part of the table decorations. You are certain to find the appropriate packaging for wedding favours, no matter what style or theme you are going for and whether you event is formal or more laid-back. You will also find plenty of ideas for wedding favours in our blog and among our recipes library to help you make unique and wallet-friendly favours for your special day.

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Yellow Spotted Milk Bottles with Straw

milk bottles

Spring is sprung and we are looking forward to a summer spent outside in the fresh air with the warmer weather and longer days. To this end we are looking at ways to enjoy picnics, barbecues and beach parties with practical and colourful tableware for children and adults. Among our favourite new products for the summer season are a set of colourful glass milk bottles with straws.

200ml milk bottles with straws

These clear glass bottles come with colourful screw top lids featuring a spotted pattern and a matching coloured straw. The lids are punched with a hole to hold the straw in place. The bottles are sold singly and are available in yellow, red, green and blue colourways, enabling you to order them in a favourite colour or to coordinate with other tableware.

Designed in the shape of a miniature milk bottle, this size is ideal for children’s servings of milk, milkshakes, smoothies, fruit juices and cordials, or simply water. The screw top helps to avoid spillages and prevents flies and wasps getting into the drinks when they are used outdoors. The straws are made of sturdy plastic to stand up to repeated use; however, you can use any straws or buy replacements from Wares of Knutsford.

Set of four milk bottles

You can buy these milk bottles in a single colourway or as a cute set of four, which comprises a 200ml bottle with straw in each colour in a pretty metal bottle holder. The vintage-style set will be loved by children and the handled metal holder makes it easy to carry the set of bottles around to serve at outside events this summer. Sold either singly or as a set, the bottles make for a fresh and pretty table setting with their summery colours and practical screw top lids.

The bottles are carefully packaged to withstand transportation, and remember that you benefit from a single flat delivery charge regardless of the size of your order when you buy from Wares of Knutsford. This means you can fill your basket without worrying about delivery costs adding up.

We are adding lots of lovely new products for spring and summer and it is worth taking a look around our website to see what else catches your eye. In this way you can combine all your purchases with just one delivery charge.

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Set of Four Milk Bottles and Straws

milk bottle set

We are pleased to introduce another new product for the spring and summer seasons: a colourful milk bottle set with straws and its own metal holder.

200ml glass milk bottle set with holder

These colourful miniature milk bottles are a new product from Wares of Knutsford and join our increasingly popular milk bottles range. Milk bottles are both practical and pretty, adding to a retro or vintage theme and ideal for both storage and for serving drinks. This milk bottles and straw set includes four 200ml clear glass bottles in a traditional milk bottle shape, each with a different coloured lid and matching straw. The metal twist off caps come in red, green, blue and yellow with white polka dots and a hole in the middle for the matching straw, which is made of sturdy plastic.

The bottles come in a white metal holder with an integrated handle. The holder looks great for storage and also makes it easy to carry the bottles around as a group. These fun bottles are ideal for children’s events at home or away; alternatively, they could be used for picnics, barbecues and beach parties this summer. The twist off lids mean drinks can be easily transported and keep flies and wasps out.

Use this cute set of bottles to serve not only milk but also water, smoothies, fruit juices and cordials, milkshakes, and iced teas and iced coffees, both at home and while out and about this summer. The different coloured lids will help children to identify which drink is theirs and might even encourage them to drink more water and milk or fruit juice rather than fizzy drinks! You can also buy the different coloured bottles separately.

350ml milk bottle set

If you are serving drinks to adults or are trying to match a simpler theme, try the 350ml clear glass milk bottle set, which comes with white metal twist off lids and black and white striped straws, in its own white painted wooden crate. The set includes four bottles, which are also available individually in the same style in 450ml size.

Alternatively, you can buy milk bottles individually and in a variety of sizes and choices of lid colours. Bottles come in 250ml, 330ml, 500ml and 1-litre sizes and can be bought singly or in packs. You can also buy straws, which help to prevent mess when giving the bottles to children!

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What’s in season April

in season April

April is a glorious spring month with plenty of seasonal ingredients to choose from; however, be aware that foods in season April long, burn bright but briefly so grab some fresh morels, watercress and crab while you can.

Eat what’s in season April

We all know by now the social, economic and nutritional benefits of eating seasonally – it’s healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly. April is a great time for fresh crab, lamb, morels, rocket, sardines, spring onions and watercress. Cockles, oysters, venison and wild garlic are also just about still in season in April.

Recipes for what’s in season April

Watercress and rocket are easy to use to add a peppery zing to salads; in addition, you should try watercress soup. It looks very green but tastes delicious and is very good for you! Alternatively, here are a couple of really simple recipes using ingredients in season in April.

Crab and chilli linguine

  • 225g dried linguine pasta
  • 1 tablespoon chilli oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, chopped
  • 1 red chilli, finely sliced
  • 2 tablespoons fresh flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped
  • 170g white crab meat
  • Juice of one lemon
  • 2-3 tablespoons olive oil

Cook the linguine according to the packet instructions and heat the chilli oil gently in a frying pan. Fry the garlic, sliced chilli, parsley and crab meat together in the pan for a few minutes, then stir in the lemon juice and olive oil. Drain the pasta and add to the chilli/crab mixture, stirring to combine. Serve immediately.

Steak with wine and morel mushroom sauce

  • 2 fillet steaks
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • Salt and freshly-ground black pepper
  • 115g morel mushrooms, cleaned
  • 2 shallots, peeled and finely sliced
  • 1 clove garlic, crushed
  • 200ml red wine
  • 2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves, finely chopped

Season the steak fillets and brush with olive oil. Cook in a smoking-hot frying pan for three or four minutes on each side or according to your taste, then allow to rest on a warm serving plate.

Using the same frying pan, reduce the heat and fry the shallots and garlic gently for a few minutes until soft. Stir in the morel mushrooms and cook for a couple of minutes, season and add the wine and thyme leaves. Allow the mixture to simmer for about five minutes until the liquid has reduced and thickened. Pour the sauce over the steaks and serve immediately.

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Vintage Wedding Ideas

vintage wedding ideas

Vintage is one of the most popular and charming themes for weddings and other events. We have organised all the items we think would be helpful to anyone buying for this theme into one place – vintage bottles, jars and other accessories. Whether you are planning favours for a vintage-themed wedding or decorating your kitchen, cafe or restaurant in the vintage style, you can head straight to our vintage department to find what you need.

Vintage wedding ideas on a floral theme

Give your wedding a beautiful and natural backdrop with a floral theme. This idea works particularly well for summer weddings held outside. When it comes to decorating with flowers, go for traditional British flowers – the kind you would find in a cottage garden – or wild flowers. Think sweet peas, lavender, philadelphus, roses and alliums, with delphiniums and foxgloves to add a little drama. You should also add plenty of greenery.

If you can grow most of the flowers yourself or collect them locally, so much the better. Arrange your flowers in posies in vintage bottles and jars and put them all over the wedding site, interspersed with occasional tea lights, and say your ‘I dos’ under a floral bower. There is no need to worry about going over the top, as it will only look more romantic.

Bring nature to the fore by winding fairy lights around trees, stringing up some flowery bunting and tying a massive wildflower bouquet to the wedding cars. The beauty of a vintage floral theme is that it looks best when it is not too formal. There is no need to stress about making everything matching and symmetrical – it should be a lovely, relaxed affair. Can you imagine anything prettier for a wedding?

Going all the way with floral vintage wedding ideas

If you want to go the whole hog, you can ask guests to observe the floral theme and dress accordingly. You can also make the food match; for example, you can serve salads with edible flowers, lavender ice cream and strawberry rose fairy cakes. The wedding cake, of course, can be covered in sugar paste flowers.

Finally, as vintage wedding ideas for favours, you can give guests some flower seeds so that they can relive your vintage wedding memories at home. Another good idea is to organise a stack of flower-printed note cards for guests to write personal messages on for you to read later. Keep younger guests entertained by giving them some bulbs, pots and soil and asking them to plant some flowers.

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Large range of preserving labels

preserving labels

Using jam jar labels on your homemade products is a simple but extremely important part of the process; for example, there is nothing worse than making a delicious Victoria sponge, cutting a slice, taking a bite and discovering you have spread it with chutney rather than jam.

Along with the contents, you might want to include a use-by date, the ingredients and storage instructions on your labels, particularly if you plan to give your jars to other people.

Words of Art preserving labels

Words of Art preserving labels are created by mother and daughter artist duo Rosemary and Caroline Wagstaff and are printed with their country watercolours. The vibrantly-coloured, self-adhesive labels feature fruits, vegetables and graphic prints such as the union flag, the royal crown and beehive honey. The whimsical style is ideal for chutney or jam jar labels and other homemade produce, with a white central panel on which to write surrounded by a patterned border. Words of Art labels come in packs of 18 and in standard or mini sizes.

If you are looking for something simpler, take a look at the Inspired by Nature range by Words of Art. These labels feature hand-painted borders in a range of colours and patterns, including plain lines, gingham, and dots in periwinkle, cornflower blue, coral, charcoal, olive green, ocean blue, sunshine, rose red, forest green and sunshine yellow.

Kitchen Craft preserving labels

The practical Kitchen Craft range includes peel-off chutney and jam jar labels on a roll of 100. The labels feature a decorative border with a central write-on panel. There is also a pack of 50 herb and spice jar labels, featuring all the most commonly used herbs and spices printed in black script upon clear vinyl. These useful labels can be peeled off and re-used. You can also choose some mixed packs of graphic printed labels in monochrome, orchard, roses and coloured themes.

Tags as preserving labels

You can go for a pretty and original look by labelling your jars with tags rather than adhesive labels. Choose from our pretty range of tags and simply tie them around jar necks. We stock tags in butterfly, rose, owl, floral, heart-shaped and plain designs. A tag looks fresh and modern and contains plenty of room to write all the information you need about the jar’s contents. There is also no need to scrape off sticky label residue when you want to clean and re-use your jars.

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Jars for dips

jars for dips

As with pretty much any food, dips are tastiest when homemade. Along with chicken kievs and vol-au-vents, dips went out of fashion for a while; however, they are back with a vengeance in a more modern and sophisticated format.

Jars for dips at Wares of Knutsford

If you are putting the effort into making dips, ensure you store them correctly in an airtight container such as a jar. Wares of Knutsford does a great selection of functional and stylish jars for dips, which are often also used for verrines and terrines. Screw top dip jars start with the tiny 70ml size and go up to 330ml; alternatively, you can opt for trendy clip top jars.

Recipes for jars for dips

Any of these dips would be brilliant as a dinner entree, served with toasted pitta bread and vegetable crudites.

Aubergine coriander dip

  • 1 aubergine
  • 1 clove of garlic, peeled
  • Zest and juice of one lemon
  • 2 tablespoons fresh coriander leaves, chopped
  • 120ml extra virgin olive oil

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C and roast the aubergine on a baking tray for about 45 minutes until softened. Allow to cool, then peel off the skin – it should come away easily if you pull it. Chop the aubergine flesh and whizz it in a blender for a minute or two with the garlic, lemon zest and juice, and coriander leaves. Keep blending and slowly pour in the olive oil until the mixture is fairly smooth. Season to taste.

Beetroot dip

  • 400g beetroot – whole, raw and unpeeled
  • 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • Salt
  • 6 tablespoons Greek yoghurt
  • 2 cloves of garlic, peeled

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C. Rub the beetroot with a little oil and sprinkle with salt before wrapping in foil and roasting for an hour in the oven. The beetroot is ready when it is soft enough to easily insert the tip of a knife. Allow to cool for a while, then pull off the outer beetroot skin. Chop the beetroot, place in a blender with the other ingredients and whizz until smooth. Season to taste.

Artichoke and olive dip

  • 400g tin of artichoke hearts, drained
  • 10 black olives, stoned
  • 225g cream cheese
  • 250g mayonnaise
  • 1 egg
  • Half a red onion, finely chopped
  • 3 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese
  • 3 splashes Worcestershire sauce

Preheat the oven to 180°C. Whizz all the ingredients together in a blender until smooth, transfer to a baking dish and roast the dip for about 25 minutes until hot all the way through. Season to taste and serve sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

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The History of the Kilner Jar

Kilner jar

Kilner jars are a classic preserving tool, known all over the world.

The original Kilner jar

The Kilner jar and bottle company was founded by John Kilner in 1842 in Yorkshire. Upon his death in 1857, Kilner’s four sons took over the business, followed later by their sons. The business thrived and expanded, winning various awards and international recognition. The pressure seal system was created and patented towards the end of the 19th century and has been in use ever since. In 1937 the company sold the patent rights to the Kilner jar and the similar Mason jar, also made by Kilner, to the United Glass Bottle company – an American firm. The Rayware Group purchased Kilner in 2000 and continues to produce the jars and develop new and modern variations on the theme.

How does the Kilner jar work?

The traditional system uses a screw top with a rubber seal, which is processed in a hot water bath to dispel any air and create a pressure seal. This ensures no air or bacteria can enter the jar to spoil your preserves once the seal has been created.

After sterilising your Kilner jars, fill them with your jam while it is still warm as part of the sealing process. Fill to the bottom of the jar neck and gently tap the jar on the work surface to disperse air bubbles. Wipe around the neck of the jar to ensure it is clean, then close your jar. You can use the Kilner disc and screw band jars, screw top jars and clip top jars in the same way for preserving, as all create the necessary pressure seal when correctly used. You can then create a pressure seal using the water bath method, which means putting the jars in a large pan filled with water and boiling for about 30 minutes. Remove the jars from the pan with a jar lifter and allow to cool for 24 hours. The next day, check that the sealing process has been successful. A proper seal will preserve homemade jams, chutneys and curds for up to six months when stored in a cool, dark place.

The Kilner range of today includes clip top jars, handled drinking jars, screw top and clip top bottles, push top knobstopper jars, home brewing kits, and accessories for preserving and home brewing.

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Home Brewing Gifts for Dad

home brewing gifts

Dads can be difficult to buy for. Forget about the usual novelty socks or jumper for his birthday or Father’s Day this year; instead, look at Wares of Knutsford’s home brewing gifts. Our home brewing department contains some of our most popular products and should provide him with hours of happy brewing and drinking.

Complete sets home brewing gifts from Wares of Knutsford

If this is a new hobby, the easiest way to introduce your dad to home brewing is with one of our complete kits. Made by Kilner, the kits are available with all the equipment you need, including a fermentation bucket; thermometer; hydrometer; the ingredients to make bitter, cider or lager; and detailed instructions. All dad has to do is add water. Alternatively, you can buy him the Kilner Complete Starter Kit, which contains all the equipment needed, and he can add either his own ingredients or use one of our Kilner Make Your Own ingredients kits.

The Make Your Own series of kits include all the ingredients needed to make your own bitter, lager, cider and red or white wine – cabernet sauvignon or pinot grigio – for dads who already have the equipment. These kits make it really easy to create a professional-tasting home brew at a bargain price.

Home brewing gifts accessories

If your dad already has some home brewing experience, you can complement his hobby with some excellent beer making gifts. The two-gallon barrel drinks dispenser comes with a secure clip top so that drinks stay fresh inside; in addition, there is a neat tap at the bottom for easy pouring. Two gallons is the equivalent of seven litres. This traditional-style dispenser is a great way for your dad to show off and share his home brew.

Kilner handled drinking jars are another great gift, available in clear and coloured glass. You can buy them singly or as a nine-piece mug and straw set, which includes two handled mugs with lids, straws and a recipe booklet, all in a smart presentation box.

Alternatively, you can stock him up with some of the essentials. In our home brewing department, you can buy a vast range of bottles suitable for home brewing of wine, beer and spirits, caps and capping devices, swing stoppers, bottle brushes, air locks, hydrometers, mixing spoons, siphons and taps, thermometers, and trial jars.

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Wholesale jar and bottle suppliers

kitchen storage jars

At Wares of Knutsford we are pleased to supply not only individual customers but also small businesses and those who simply want to save by buying in bulk. For this reason, we make it easy to buy in a number of different ways.

Wholesale jars and bottles

Our wholesale terms are designed for small businesses and those who want to buy in pallet-sized quantities. The main condition is a minimum order value of £450, excluding VAT and delivery. Shipping charges will be calculated on a per order basis. Please contact us for a wholesale bottles and jars price list by email at info@waresofknutsford.co.uk or by phone on 01477 537224. Delivery is usually within seven days once full payment has been made.

A wholesale bottles and jars order example

You do not have to buy wholesale bottles and jars in pallets of the same product; instead, you can make up a pallet of any combination of our products in boxed quantities for ease of packaging and delivery. You may want to make up the majority of your order from one size of bottle or jar, for example, but you can include some smaller and larger sizes and a quantity of miniature jars or bottles, which are great for giving out product samples as testers.

Bulk buy wholesale jars and bottles range

All our products are available wholesale and we have made our bestselling bottles and jars available at a special bulk buy discount for those who do not quite need wholesale quantities. Our bulk buy bargain packs include 192 bottles or jars, with lids where applicable, and offer a significant discount on individual prices. Our bulk buy deals are useful for smaller business, for those who preserve on a large scale, for friends who want to group together to take advantage of the discounted price and for those who are buying jars or bottles for events, such as for wedding favours.

If you can’t find a bulk buy deal to suit you, please don’t hesitate to speak to our helpful and friendly staff about making up a custom-mixed pack. These are ideal for buyers with precise requirements and those looking for more unusual items. The pack will be priced on a per order basis and is ideal for smaller businesses that are just starting up or again for friends buying as a group to benefit from discounts applied to larger orders.

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Stylish kitchen storage jars

kitchen storage jars

Using jars for storage is not only practical but can also look really good, particularly in a small kitchen where you have to get really creative with storage to maximise the available space.

Why use kitchen storage jars?

Open bags of ingredients such as rice, pasta, couscous, cereal, sugar, coffee and tea can make a real mess of your shelves and cupboards; instead, decant the whole lot into jars to keep everything fresh, keep everything clean, and make your cupboards and shelves look tidy and well organised. There will be no more split bags and spillage, plus you can easily see and handle what you have. You can use a jar system for storage not only to make your kitchen neat and tidy but also as a decorative effect. A line of matching kitchen storage jars along an open shelf fits in with all sorts of looks – a rustic kitchen, an industrial-style kitchen or a professional chef-style kitchen all look attractive with open shelving and ingredients on display.

Kitchen storage jars at Wares of Knutsford

We like to believe that whatever sort of jar you are looking for, you will find it at Wares of Knutsford. If you don’t, please do let us know as we enjoy sourcing new products for customer requests. Our range includes modern and traditional style jars in a variety of sizes.

In addition to clear glass jars, we have some great one-litre script jars in three shades. These have smart wooden lids and can be written on in chalk to identify the contents. These are a modern version of the more traditional spotted jars, which are available in chicken shape, as a garlic storage jar and marked for biscuits and utensils.

Our clear glass jar range includes round sweet shop-style jars that can be stored on end or tilted. These are available with 192ml, 395ml, 870ml and 2-litre capacities. Plain pot club jars with knobstopper-style lids are available in 250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1-litre, 1.5-litre and 2-litre capacities; alternatively, they can be bought in a set of five. We also have smart Kilner branded knobstopper jars with a capacity of 650ml, 1 litre, 1.5 litres and 2-litres.

Clip top jars keep things simple and we have plain or ribbed jars in various sizes and either a round or square shape. The Le Parfait orange lidded jars, which are similar but have an extra touch of Gallic chic, are available in 1-litre, 2-litre or 3-litre capacities.

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Ideas for storing spices

spice storage

Have you ever tried out a Jamie Oliver recipe? The results are great but the long lists of ingredients can be frightening – particularly once you start trying to dig out your spice jars.

The difficulty of storing spices

One of the perennial problems of organising kitchen storage is how to deal with spice jars. Some people like to keep them to hand with easy access on a wall hanger, while others like them neatly laid out in a drawer. Some keep them on a handy turntable unit, while others have never really found a method that suits and just store them in a cupboard. If you can get to grips with storing spices, however, you will find cooking is easier when your ingredients are easy to lay your hands on; in addition, your kitchen looks neater when all those little bottles are corralled into some kind of order.

Wares of Knutsford’s recommendations for storing spices

Our basic spice jars come in 100ml size with a choice or shaker or grinder tops. Clip top versions are a favourite, in 72ml, 100ml and 230ml sizes. There is also a more decorative globe-shaped clip top jar in 120ml, or a 125g square-shaped clip top jar with a green, red or orange lid.

Glass topper jars also work well for spices and are available in square, hexagonal and round shapes, in 150ml, 190ml and 205ml sizes respectively. These can be bought as a set of three.

Our best-selling spice jar is the 4oz screw top model, which is available in packs of 12, 24 or 36 or as a 192-jar bargain pack. You can choose from aluminium, black EPE and black or white Bakelite lids. We find a lot of our customers buy these to store not only spices but also all sorts of tiny items and crafty bits, such as sequins, pins and needles, gardening seeds and beads. Alternatively, you can buy 212ml glass screw top jars with a decorative print stating ‘Herbs’ or ‘Spices’.

Spice jars are also available in sets. There is a basic four-jar set of square 110ml jars with screw tops and a 20-piece jar set, which includes six 70ml square-shaped clip top jars, 12 labels, a recipe booklet and a cute wooden presentation box. This makes a great gift, as does the modern magnetic spice rack set. The latter includes six stainless steel tubes with a clear display window, which are kept on a magnetic glass stand. The tubes can be set to sprinkle or pour.

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